Sandos Playacar Beach Resort Reviews

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Sandos Playacar Beach Resort & Spa has been a favorite family vacation spot of Vacationkids clients for years. There are some families who won't consider going any place else. One of the biggest reasons for this is that staff. They treat all of our families like VIP's and many of the people here are long time friends to our staff.

You can't ask for a better beach location than here. This resort is located in the Playacar resort area of the town Playa Del Carmen. It's a bit of a trek but you can walk or bike to Playa Del Carmen's famous fifth ave. from here.  You're also close to golf and area sightseeing attractions (fees for both).

Imagine powdery white sand and the most amazine crystel clear azure blue waters and your imagination will come close to the reality of this beach. If you stand on the beach of the Sandos and stare out at the sea, what you will SEE is Cozumel Island floating just off shore. Cozumel Island boasts the world's second largest coral reef, topped only by Australia's great barrier reef. This means the snorkeling and diving lovers can plan day trips (for an extra fee).

If there are any down sides to this resort or considerations parents need to make it would be....

- This resort is fairly spread out there are shuttle carts but you'll do a fair amount of walking if you're staying in the Hacienda suites or Riviera Rooms

-The Hacienda Jr suites are the family of 5 friendly rooms. These rooms are located in the middle of the resort. Each building of 10 rooms share a small pool but these rooms all have garden views due to their location. Even though they are upgrades, there are no ocean views available here.

They Sandos Resorts really have it down when it comes to dealing with larger family groups. They are awesome for family reunions - mainly because they have something to offer everyone regardless of age. This is often difficult when you have multi-generations to please all traveling in the same group.

They are fantastic when it comes to Destination weddings and vow renewals!  Their wedding planners handle every detail and all our couples return raving about the attention and service they experience.  Couples can choose from several ceremony spots right on the property. Beach ceremonies have long been the most popular but recently the resort has added a stunning garden location. Several of our brides have changed their minds and ceremony spots after arriving to see the stunning flowers here.

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They are constantly adding new features and ammenities to impress their guests. They have recently added a huge central plaza complete with outdoor theater, a new bar with chic lounge area for enjoying the shows and my personal favorite an all inclusive cupcake and coffee cafe!

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One new idea that we think is absolutely brilliant is their clothing donation program. Pack your gently used clothes for your vacation to Sandos Playacar - items that perhaps you're growing tired of or those outfits that the kids have just about outgrown. Wear them on your vacation and then instead of bringing home a suitcase full of dirty laundry, Sandos will clean and donate these items to local area families in need. Just think, you can do something great AND get out of doing a mountain of dirty laundry when you get home!


These are just a few of the many reason why we recommend Sandos Playacar to our clients and why our happy families return year after year.