Family Travel Agent

Our family travel experts are here to help you

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VacationKids is a full service travel agency offering all types of vacations....

  •  All Inclusive Family Resorts
  •  Family Cruises
  •  Vacations for families with three or more kids
  •  Family Reunions
  •  Family Weddings
  •  Theme Park Vacations
  •  Family Adventure Tours
  •  Multi-generational trips
  •  Vacations for babies, toddlers, kids, teens and even grown ups.

Vacationkids was founded in 2001 by Sally Black. As a travel industry professional herself she found it very difficult to find the right information she needed to plan and book vacations with her own three kids.  Vacationkids offers "all the important information parents need to know that they don't find in glossy travel brochures".

Caribbean, Mexico, Europe, USA, South America, South Pacific...Our staff of family travel agents can help you make reservations. Chances are they have already "been there and done that" with their own families. This means we offer our clients indispensible first had knowledge to make your journey easier, safer and more fun. Through our experience, we have made important travel industry contacts and have friends locally to help our families make the most of their vacation time.

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Vacationkids services are free. We do not charge service fees like may other travel agencies. We make our living and feed our own families by the sales commissions we earn from hotels and cruise lines when we make reservations for our clients. Our goal is not to just make reservations. Our goal is to keep our clients happy and returning to us year after year. We want our clients to be so pleased with our service that they recommend us to family and friends.


                                               family travel agent     family travel agent

We can save our clients money, time and aggravation with our extensive first hand knowledge and industry contacts. If you find a cheaper price online we can price match it or explain to you why it's probably too good to be true. Our staff is here to help ensure you and your kids have a fabulous, fun family vacation every step of the way.

 Please feel free to contact the our family travel experts by EMAIL or give our office a call at 610-681-7360 . Call anytime it's best for your schedule. Leave us a message. We're often on the phone helping our families. If it's after hours, we'll contact you as soon as we're back in the office.