Ocean Blue & Sand Resort

   Ocean Blue Resort   Ocean Blue Resort

Most folks refer to this family friendly all inclusive as Ocean Blue Resort. This property is located just 35 minutes drive from Punta Cana airport. Admittedly it has a bit of an identity complex because it's known by several different names.

Some people call it Ocean Blue & Sand Resort.  This 354 all suite resort is technically divided into two parts...One side is called Ocean Blue and the other side is Ocean Sands...which are actually two sides of the same resort.

Other people call this same resort the Ocean Blue Beach & Golf resort. It does sit on a gorgeous white sand beach and it is just few steps away from the White Sands golf course. The White Sands Golf course was designed by Pepe Gancedo, six time Spanish champion considered to be the "Picasso" of course design. This par 72 course opened with 9 holes but when completed will offer a challenging 18.

Whatever you call it, this all inclusive family friendly resort is a winner...especially for families with 3 kids because Ocean Blue resort is family friendly. All of the suites here will allow 3 kids to share the room with their parents.

Close your eyes..imagine soft Caribbean breezes, the aroma of tropical flowers and delicous foods, the sounds of the surf and the ambiance of elegance meets eclectic...open your eyes and you'll find yourself at Ocean Blue Golf and Beach resort.

The Ocean Blue Resort offers family five star amenities and many unique features like a complete coffee bar, bowling alley, rock climbing wall and 9 themed restaurants not to mention one of the prettiest beached in the Caribbean. For Guests who want the ultimate family friendly all inclusive experience, upgrade to their premier services which take a great family friendly resort over the top.