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Great Parnassus Reviews  Great Parnassus Reviews   

Our Vacationkids staff agrees the Great Parnassus looks like a 12 story cruise ship parked itself right on Cancun Beach. That was our initial impression and those opinions held true as we entered this resort. The interior also makes you feel like you're standing on the lido deck of your favorite family cruise ship.

Just to clear some confusion...there are actually TWO hotels now in Cancun with the name PARNASSUS...The Great Parnassus and the Golden Parnassus. The Great Parnassus is GREAT for families and the Golden Parnassus is for the Golden oldies....meaning the Golden Parnassus is for adults ONLY. We don't mean to imply anything by golden just helps us here in the office remember which hotel is for which kind of people. The Golden Parnassus has a very strict NO kids policy. That said, both Parnassus hotels have reciprocal privileges. If grown-ups staying at the Great Parnassus want a vacation from their kids, they can take the complimentary 5 minute shuttle bus ride over to the Golden Parnassus and play for the day. Vacationkids often caters families where the Grandparents or adult relatives prefer staying in an adults only hotel but want to spend time with their kids and grand kids at a family resort. Vacationkids CAN book the Golden Parnassus for your family, we just CANNOT book any children into that hotel. all that!

The folks behind the Great Parnassus are indeed sensative to the needs of their families. They know that many parents don't appreciate the idea of topless sunbathing around children. Yet the hotel needs to be sensative to the wishes of adults and foreign travelers who consider topless sunbathing very natural. So another smart design feature of the Great Parnassus resort is that there is a completely separarte adults only pool area. It is located on the opposite side of the property. The pool deck faces the front of the resort and the lagoon. It comes complete with pool, jacuzzi and sundeck. This is the only area of the resort where topless sunbathing is allowed. All the rooms on this side of the building will only allow adults. This way children have no visability or contact with topless sunbathers. Please know that the beaches in Cancun are public beaches and the hotel does not have any control over topless sunbathing on the beach. Vacationkids hears these concerns from our parents time and again and we commend the Great Parnassus for their smart compromise with this issue.

The Great Parnassu is a good middle of the road choice when it comes to budget. It's not as luxious as some resorts but it offers smart design that adds to the comfort and safety of all guests, no matter their age. It is an excellent value for vacation dollar that make it a favorite for many returning vacationkids clients. Some of the reasons why the Great Parnassus in Cancun is a family favorite vacation spot...

  • It's all Inclusive - food, drinks, activities, kids clubs, water parks, airport transportation, tips and taxes are included in the price
  • It allows 3 kids under the age of 12 to share the same hotel room with their parents
  • It has a Baby Club from age 18 months
  • Kids club ages 4-12 years
  • TWO Waterparks
  • Teen program
  • Close to all of Cancun's world famous activities
  • Entertainment for multi-generational families

If there are any down sides to this resort or considerations parents need to make it would be....

  • The large open interior of this resort is architecturally designed to be eco-friendly by capturing the sea breezes. It is not air conditioned. Some families report that the main food court area can be too warm during the summer.
  • The beach on this side of Cancun can get very rough waves. It is a beautiful beach for walking, sandcastles and experienced swimmers but caution is needed for little ones.