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Frequently Asked Questions

[fa icon="plus-square"] What kind of Family Vacations do you offer?

Vacationkids gives you the world.  If you can dream it, we can create it.If there is a destination your family wants to visit, we can make it happen for you.

For the past 20 years, we've partner with all the major, respected travel brands. If you're looking for a family friendly hotel, a cruise for your crew, a tour guide for your clan, a visit to a theme park or even all of the above...yes, we can do that for you.

The majority of the destinations we recommend have been personally visited by one of our team members. We invest in personal travel ourselves so that we can vet our travel partners and offer our clients first hand knowledge, experiences and peace of mind.  It allows gives us the opportunity to make connections with local, family friendly travel partners all around the world. These personal contacts is how we can create family vacation experiences that you won't find online.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How Much Do Your Services Cost?

Most Hotels, vacation package, tour companies and cruise lines all INCLUDE travel agent commissions in their published prices. If you do all the work yourself online, they “pocket” the difference.  

By working with Vacationkids, you get professional, customized travel planning and the customer service you deserve. You won’t be frustrated spending hours on the internet, hanging on phone hold for eternity or wasting any precious time wondering and worrying. We'll be with you every step of your journey, at the ready to help and answer questions.

Please know the airlines, some apartment rental companies and a few other travel suppliers do not offer any travel agent commissions. There are also situations when we work with families or groups that require or request very complicated itineraries that involve a great deal of research time.

In these situations, our agents will charge a service fee for the time they spend working on your behalf. Please know you will be notified and must approve any and all service fees.

[fa icon="plus-square"] How Does Vacationkids Work? - What Should I Expect?

Vacationkids is delighted when we receive your email or call requesting vacation planning help. In return we want to insure that your family's vacation delights and exceeds everyone's expectations.  

One of the travel agents on our team will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary 15-20 min. phone or video consultation. Having a full understanding of your family's specific needs, wishes, interests and dreams is necessary to create memorable family vacation experiences.  

If you decide you're ready to move ahead with your vacation plans, your agent will ask you to officially register your full contact and payment details with Vacationkids. This is necessary because we often have to act decisively when it comes to making airfare and other reservations and we need this information at the ready.

To begin working on your custom itinerary, we require a minimum $250 service fee for the time we invest on behalf of planning your vacation. This is valid for families up to 5 passengers. Additional passengers will be charged a $50 per person service fee.  We will offer you a choice of options and will allow for 3 revisions of your itinerary. By revisions, we mean date changes, adding or subtracting passengers or change of destination.  Because travel pricing can change by the moment, we expect you're ready to confirm one you register with us. Your service fee with us is valid for 30 days.

Proper vacation planning takes quality time and serious research. Our loyal and dedicated clients deserve our full focus, time and expertise. There are just so many hours in each work day. We need to eliminate browsers, window wishers and others not ready to book their vacations for whatever reason. 

We must devote our time to clients who are serious about travel. Those who understand and appreciate the level of commitment, professionalism and expertise that we offer.

This is how we insure that when you book with Vacationkids, you will receive the excellent service, care and respect you expect and deserve.


[fa icon="plus-square"] Will I Save Money with Vacationkids?

We work hard to help make your travel dreams affordable. Here's some of what we can do to help:

  • Our travel agents have rates that you don't. We have access to special rates not available directly to consumers via "book it yourself" travel websites.
  • Offer suggestions and alternatives for the vacation you want to help stretch your travel budget as far as we possibly can.
  • We don't waste your money. We customize your itinerary so that you pay for exactly what your family needs and wants. We want happy clients who are so thrilled with their vacations that they come back to us year after year and tell everyone they know about us.
  • We babysit your reservations - In some cases, if there is a sale or if the price of your trip drops prior to your departure we will get you a refund or credit.
  • How precious is your time? Hours can be spent properly planning a family vacation. Often the questions perplexing travelers are ones our agents can immediately answer for you. It's thanks to their years of training and experience.  If you have detailed questions or need to plan a complicated itinerary, we do all the work for you. We can make the international phone calls to get your questions answered. We know who and how to reach out to in order to get the job done, saving you hours of frustration.
  • Even if you do LOVE planning your own vacations - Talking to a professional can give you the ultimate peace of mind. We can take a look at your plans, make sure you haven't missed any important details and even offer advice, tips and suggestions you might not have even thought to enhance your experience.
  • Our agents can usually price match any "great travel deal" that you find yourself online (or explain to you why it could be a scam that you need to avoid).
  • We prevent costly mistakes that inexperienced travelers often make like missed flight connections, room category problems, proper expectations and more.
  • Save money on high interest credit cards with our Vacationkids Layaway program

Your vacation is an investment in your dreams. A vacation is full of future memories with your children. Your kids will only be this age once and remember... there are no "do-overs" for a lousy vacation.

[fa icon="plus-square"] Can You Help Us Plan a Vacation That's Unique and Different?

Absolutely! Just like no two families are exactly alike, family vacations are not a "one size fits all" type of product.  A family's vacation needs and wishes change as children grow and mature. This is why our Family Vacation Advisors consult with each family to create amazing travel experiences based on their preferred travel dates, interests, destination and budget. Our goal is to create vacations that exceed your expectations and are remembers for years to come.

Our travel advisors don't want to sell you a vacation. They want to become your trusted resource to create amazing travel experiences for your family for years to come. Tell us your travel dreams and we look forward to helping you turn them into reality for your children


[fa icon="plus-square"] We have a big family, can you help?


When you have 3 or more children it can be tricky to find vacation options that are fun, comfortable and affordable.  This is why we offer all types of accommodations for any size family.

Of course, many families know vacations are more fun together.  We are very experienced when it comes to extended family vacations, reunions, celebration vacations and even destination weddings.  Our team knows how to make sure everyone, including that hard to please relative, is happy and has a fun vacation.

In addition, we've coached many families on how to leverage group travel perks, deals and discounts. We can completely automate this process for our clients so all they have to do is invite friends & family to join the fun. We handle all the work so it doesn't become a hassle.

[fa icon="plus-square"] But We Enjoy Planning Our Own Vacations Ourselves...

We understand, "vacation anticipation" can be a lot of fun for many people.  It's exciting to think about all the places you'll visit and the things you'll do.

However, if an itinerary is not properly planned, your dream vacation can turn into a costly nightmare. Adults can normally deal with disappointments but it's an entirely different experience when travel problems occur with kids.

Travel professionals know so many of the mistakes travel novices make can be easily avoided.  For example, that cheap flight was priced accordingly because you'll never make your connecting flight!

Did you know you can enjoy all the fun of planning your own family vacation and travel with confidence?

Simply Schedule a consultation call with one a travel advisor who is experienced with your vacation destination.  Our advisor will review your plans, make professional suggestions and insure you understand all the fine print that can make or break your family's vacation fun.  The cost is $50 for an hour to ask a travel professional anything you want to know.


"I've known Sally Black (founder of Vacationkids) for years, and have a lot of respect for her practical advice.  Her book "Fearless Family Vacations" is a perfect guide for parents who want to learn how to travel like a pro with their kids."

Christopher Elliott Syndicated columnist at USA Today, Washington Post and Author of "The World's Smartest Traveler" (National Geographic)

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