Disney Art Of Animation Reviews

  Art Of Animation Reviews  Art Of Animation Reviews
OK... so asking us which Walt Disney World Resort is our favorite is a bit like asking us which of our kids we love the most.  Perhaps it's because my own son was influenced by Disney and grew up to become a digital animator that I have a REAL soft spot for the Art Of Animation Resort.

 Art Of Animation Reviews  Art Of Animation Reviews

Disney's Art Of Animation Resort is truly a work of Art. It's Disney's newest resort, opened in 2012. Not only does it offer vibrant and whimsical surroundings but its rooms are so very comfortable, practical and really, REALLY smart.

Vacationkids LOVES resorts that caters to larger families. The brilliant floorplan design of the family suites in the Nemo, Cars and Lion King sections will accommodate a family of 6. Actually it will allow a 7th if it's a baby under the age of 3. (Little mermaid standard rooms will only allow 4 people plus a baby under 3).

Besides space for bigger families, parents get a room with a door to allow for a little privacy and romance. If all this isn't enough, family suites here offer not one but TWO full bathrooms to accommodate extra guests. There are also TWO TVs to avoid arguments and  a mini kitchen with a small fridge, microwave and mini sink. While parents will love all of these conveninces at an affordable price, kids will LOVE the room decor inspired by classic Disney characters and movies.

 Art Of Animation Reviews  Art of Animation Reviews

Walt Disney World Resort catagorizes all 20 of their resorts into categories....value, moderate and deluxe.  Because Art of Animation has a value pricetag but offers a few more features liked story themed rooms and mini kitchenettes, this resort is classified as a Value PLUS. This means a bit more bang for your vacation buck.

Art Of Animation ReviewsThe main public building of Disney's Art Of Animation is called Animation Hall.  This building holds the main lobby, check in, business center, The Landscape Of Flavors Food Court (open 6am to Midnight), The Ink & Paint shop and The Pixel Play Arcade. There are also laundromat facilities throughout the property (fee) as well as playgrounds for the kids.

If there are any considerations parents need to make it ....

The Art of Animation is very stroller friendly and has elevator access for guests. It is a HUGE property, very spread out covering of over 87 acres.  Bring comfortable shoes.

Many guests head to the pools at night after returning from the theme parks. Pool areas were loud and active late into the evening. If you have little ones with early bedtimes you may prefer a room on the opposite side of the building away fromt he pools. We can REQUEST specific rooms but please know these requests are based on hotel availability and can never be guaranteed.