Hello Friends and Welcome-

When Vacationkids Travel Agency opened its online doors for business back in 2000 and we formed our company around a few simple principles -

  • To help busy parents enjoy more quality time with their children
  • To bring families closer together with fun, memorable experiences
  • To inspire parents to explore and teach their kids about the world we all share
  • To give kids the opportunities to learn from first hand travel experiences
  • To treat others in same way we like to be treated- with honesty & respect
  • To build a great team of colleagues that love their jobs
  • To create a company that makes us proud to go to work each day
  • To always strive to learn, improve and give our clients the best care possible
  • To be able to work virtually from home surrounded by our own families

The only things that have changed since the day we started Vacationkids are the thousands of families we've served. Travel teaches children so many important life lessons that this mom believes will help to build strong characters for our next generation of adults.

We are thankful for the many families that return to us every year. They feel like family to us. It's like a little reunion of our own having the opportunity to help send them creating new, fun adventures.

Many of our original vacation"KIDS" are grown up now and have given us the honor of helping them plan destination weddings and honeymoons.  We even have a few GRANDvacationkids now. What started as a simply family vacation has grown into a multi-generational gatherings passing on the love of travel to new generations.

Our bottom line at Vacationkids is all about the joy of bringing families together and making them happy.  We understand that a vacation is FAR more than a week off from work or school.  A vacation is an investment in your family's future. It's a priceless memorie and you only have one chance to get it right.  We are here to help you every step of the way and we look forward to giving your family the world. Our staff is ready to serve as your trusted ally to insure unique experiences and priceless memories for the ones you love.

Vacationkids Sally Black  Sincerely,

 Sally Black - Founder & Mom Executive Officer