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  Ocean Blue Resort Reviews  Ocean Blue Resort Reviews

Ocean Blue Resort is a favorite Vacationkids property. Our staff at Vacationkids visits dozens of different resorts every year to bring the latest and greatest vacation info to our families. Frankly after a while many resorts all begin to seem the same. But, once in a great while, a unique property captures your attention and imagination. This is true about the Ocean Blue resort in Punta Cana with it's impressive and innovative guest features. From the moment you step into the lobby you notice a very unique style and decor to this resort. One interesting bit of trivia about this resort is that it was designed entirely by a team of female architects....hmm, a woman's touch!

The best way to describe Ocean Blue Resort is to start at the top and end at the beach. Upon exiting the lobby you're greeted by a beautiful center pond surrounded by several interestingly styled buildings...made to look almost like a town center. Come to find out these buildings are actually all the specialty restuarants for the Ocean Blue and Sand resort. Our cameras were not big enough to grab a shot of the entire area but know that on the far side is the Casino and theater offering guests nightly entertainment. On the opposite side, there's even a bowling alley and teen center which is also part of the all inclusive plan here.  It seems like those women architects were really thinking because this design keeps all the nightly activities and any resulting noise confined to an area away from the guest rooms...pretty smart! All and all there are 9 restuarants that guests can choose from. Several of the resort's specialty, air conditioned, ala carte restaurants are located around this pond area.

Ocean Blue Resort if very easy to navigate and stroller friendly. All of the guest rooms are located in the center of the resort. One side of the property is called Ocean Blue, the other side is called Ocean Sand and right down the middle are two long and winding pools with zero entry and swim up bar.

The guest room buildings here were built to resemble a European Village. All of the buildings are low rise and please note there are no elevators in the guest buildings. Each building does have it's own private concierge. This way guests do not have to go far to request any resort services, make dinner reservations, etc.

Besides all this fun there is a heavenly beach to enjoy complete with crystal white sand and sparkling turquoise water. There is plenty of room so you'll never feel crowded. Even the beach side palapas are different here. Instead of thatched umbrellas there are white canopies big enough for a family to share the shade.

If there are any down sides to this resort or considerations parents need to make it would be....

-Ocean Blue Resort is the perfect choice for sun worshippers. Finding available palapas or shadier spots here can be a challenge.