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  Now Punta Cana Reviews   Now Punta Cana Reviews
When Vacationkids visited Now Larimar Punta Cana all inclusive resort, we were immediately struck by it's beauty.  The beach here is stunning although it can get to be a bit rough for young swimmers. Still it is a huge beach, great for strolling or building a sand castle in the sand of the Palm trees.

Most folks seem to refer to this resort as Now Punta Cana but it's real name is Now Larimar.  The name Larimar comes from the indigenous blue semi precious stone found in this area.  The same color blue from the Larimar stone is found in the waters here, hence the origin of the resort's name.

There are 642 rooms at Now Larimar. It is a medium size resort, fairly easy to navigate.  It is a very popular spot for weddings so  larger groups of family and friends are normal here. Guests love the idea of not having to wear wrist bands like many other resorts insist. Also, at Now Punta Cana there is no need for evening reservations or limits at any of their ala carte restaurants. Just show up and enjoy a wonderful meal with your family.

This resort was built just a handful of years ago by NH Real and used to be known as the Eden H resort. It is now run by AMresorts. Because AMresorts is an American based company, this resort tends to draw American and Canadian clientele.

Our families absolutely LOVE the kids club program here. We receive many reports from our returning families on how their kids cry when made to leave the kids club here. To us we think that's one of the best reviews a kids club can have. If kids love it that much, it has to be good.

If there are any down sides to this resort or considerations parents need to make it would be....

-Timeshare seller are present here promising free excursion and upgrades. Your family vacation time is too valuable to spend listening to strong armed sales pitches for overpriced schemes.