Azul Beach Resort Restaurants

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The Azul Beach Hotel is known for being a GOURMET Inclusive resort. This resort is a foodie's delight featuring the finest, freshest ingredients prepared with care by world class chefs. No resort buffets or reservations here. All four Azul Beach Restaurants offer ala carte waiter service...

Blue Restaurant At Azul- Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a friendly atmosphere. Here you'll experience "food for all and all for food". A la Carte International breakfast, Mexican, fresh seasonal fruits, steak and eggs among many other preparations. Family-style lunches abundant with salads, gourmet sandwiches, daily changing specialties. Unlimited dining with several complete menus including Lobster, Salad, South Beach Diet and Low fat/Low carb menus are available. This daily changing International themed menu includes fine pasta dishes, juicy steaks, ocean fresh seafood prepared according to the finest in Mexican, Italian, Fusion, Thai, Spanish and French cuisine. One of the highlights of your dinner will be the fine selection of International cheeses, delicious desserts, coffees and digestives.

Chil Restaurant - Open for lunch and dinner. Caribbean style restaurant with a view of the Caribbean Sea allows you to relax like the name of the restaurant itself, and enjoy the taste of Mexico. The 24-hour room service menu includes a range of dishes featuring children's and grown-up's all time favorites. Popcorn service is available for those who want to watch a movie in their room.

Blue Terrace - A wide selection of ocean fresh seafood and tender cuts of meat among other mouthwatering creations are served "hot off the grill" each evening on this thatched roof terrace.

La Mancha - "The spot on the corner", is a laid back Caribbean Cafe, serving exotic fruit juices, jungle fruit smoothies, ice teas, espresso, cappuccino, frappucino and delightful Caribbean sandwiches, brownies, jumbo cookies and ice-cream.

Restaurant Tainan - A la Carte Dinner. Tainan is the name of the ancient capital of Taiwan, renowned for its splendid food, taste and exotic creativity. Because of the culinary culture world wide, the food of Tainan not only brings unlimited experiences but also offers opportunities to satisfy the palate with spectacular Asian-inspired cuisine served in generous portions. Among the dishes that are known far and wide are sushi, sashimi, rice noodles, pot stickers, dumplings and succulent main courses prepared using the finest authentic ingredients.

Aquanox Bar - Refreshing tropical drinks are prepared to your taste in this thatched-roof lounge and swim up bar located at the center of the resort. At night, kick back and listen to live music while sipping your favorite drink and lounging in one of the famous hanging beds with unforgettable views of the Caribbean ocean.

Agavero Tequila Lounge -Get a real taste of Mexico in this unique and spectacular Tequila lounge where modern designs are combined with classic furniture of the Pancho Villa era, including a replica of a 19th century Tequila bar. Over 30 different Tequilas, Aejo, Reposado and Blanco served, straight, frozen or mixed into the most amazing margaritas from the traditional lime margarita to banana, cucumber or raspberry, to mention a few. Enjoy these fabulous drinks while playing table games or simply listen to cool music and hang out with friends.