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The Azul Beach Resort offers laid back luxury. The atmosphere promotes family togetherness and bonding. The beach is gorgeous and offers hours of pleasure.

There is a snorkeling reef just a boat ride off shore (fee) that provides a break in the surf making it a perfect beach for little swimmers. The waves here are gentle. The beach and swimming areas offer soft sand making it easy on the feet.

The Azul Beach Hotel is so compact that anything your heart desires is conveniently just steps away. No long hikes or waiting in the sun for a lift to lunch. Everything here is very accessible.

One feature our families really love here are the king size beach bed cabanas at the Azul Beach Resort. There is plenty of room for Mom, Dad and the kids to camp out in the shade and pretend they are like Robinson Crusoe. If you want to work on your tan, no worries, there are plenty of sunny spots too. Please know there is no waking up at 5am to try to claim one of these beach beds. At the Azul Beach Hotel you have beach butlers that will gladly reserve a Cabana for your family, prepare it with fresh towels, snacks, toys for the kids and even order you a family picnic to share for lunch.