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Celebrate with a Group Vacation

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Mary Ellen Nunes

Celebration VacationI’m going to come right out and own that I am hitting a milestone this year.  Yes, finally 25! (well, something like that anyway). And of course, many of my friends are hitting this same milestone.  

Seriously, as you manage to accumulate “stuff” in your house, you realize that parties are just more work before (cleaning up) and after (cleaning up) and even if you say no presents, you still get more stuff.  And really, if you have a group of friends who are all relatively the same age as you, it could potentially mean party after party after party. Which sounds great if everyone is 25, but not so much when you are a multiple of 25.

Creating memories together is far more precious than gifts!

Skip the party and collect your friend circle instead & head out for a fabulous vacation.  A group trip is a win win for everyone, and there are options for every personality and travel style.

celebration vacation private party onboard shipLike to unpack once and see many places?  Opt for a cruise.  If you have 16 cabins in your group, chances are you can say “Happy birthday to me” with a free cabin.  If it's a whole gang of celebrants, let everyone invite extended family and friends for even more fun (and more free cabins for all). Plus, your travel agent will be able to put together some extra special perks just for your group….I like to add things like a private cocktail party during an at-sea day, and chocolate covered strawberries in all of the cabins, or a special tour just for the group at a port of call (can we say bike ride or rum tasting?).  The larger the group, the more perks! There are many different ways an agent can make your trip special.

Prefer to lounge around and be waited on?  An all-inclusive resorts may be the perfect group trip for you.  There acelebration vacation lounge poolside in the Caribbeanre many beautiful properties throughout the Caribbean - Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Jamaica are the most widely known, there are many other tropical destinations as well.  An all inclusive resort will include your meals, all your drinks (alcoholic and non), entertainment on site, some water activities like snorkeling and more. Your travel agent can help find the property that is right for you, whether it's dressing up for dinner in classic elegance, or hanging out at the pool bar with your buddies. (or both!)  And, if some of your friend just have to bring their kids along, your travel agent will know just which resorts have the right balance of adults only sections and family friendly sections so that you can meet in the middle.

celebration vacation wine tastingIs there a bucket list destination or experience you and your friends talk about doing "some day"? Are you part of the been there, done that crowd and need something new?  How about a winery tour of Italy or a beer tour of Germany?  A group tour to a new destination is an amazing way to experience a new part of the world without worrying about needing to know the languages, customs and roads.  Depending on the number of people, your agent may be able to arrange a group trip for just your group.  And once again, group travel can be more affordable, not to mention fun.


Do you have an adventurous group? We've got you covered with group trips that will fit any interest celebration vacation adventure trips like horseback riding, fly fishing, dances, hiking, kayaking, swimming, archery, hunting, crafting, ATV rides, and skiing and more.  Whether you’re a mountaineer at heart or just a weekend camping warrior ready to expand your horizons, there’s a dude ranch that’s right for you.


Milestones are important. Everyone loves to be recognized for their accomplishments. Family and dear friends should be cherished.  It's easy to find great reasons to celebrate.  Talk to a travel agent and create some new memories that will make you feel like you're 25 all over again!



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Mary Ellen Nunes

Written by Mary Ellen Nunes

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