Tween Friendly Vacations


We Make Everyone Happy

Ah...the middle school years. The eye rolling and foot stomping at your opinions has most likely begun.  You miss the time when you could look into their eyes instead of watching their eyes glued to a device screen. They INSIST they are old enough to travel the world on their own...and you strongly disagree.  They crave independence - you worry about safety.  They "say" you are an embarrassment but deep down they really love how weird you are.  You need to dig deep and keep that connection strong no matter how weird you really are....and family vacations can do that.

At this stage and age, vacations are what keep families connected.  It's about spending important time together, despite protests.  Admittedly it's tricky to keep everyone happy. To find the right balance of independence, safety, engagement, passion, discovery and fun.

We can help....we wrote the book on it - Really! "Fearless Family Vacations - How To Make Everyone Happy Without Losing Your Mind"and we're happy to save your sanity too.

We can put together a vacation with the right balance of indpendence, togetherness, safety, excitement, adventure and passion.  We're happy to listen to you, your kids and combine wish lists into a harmonious holiday.

So let's talk and create the perfect family vacation where you can embarrass your kids in front of everyone and give them memories they will cherish forever.

Tween Friendly Vacations