Some Vacationkids Fun Facts:

  • Our main office is in Pennsylvania, USA
  • We work virtually from home offices with our clients
  • World wide travel expertise
  • Sometimes Our Kids Drive Us Crazy Too
  • Everyday Is Like A Vacation For Us
  • We Like Tacos
  • We Love Making Vacation Dreams Come True

Sally Black

Founder of Vacationkids
Author of "Fearless Family Vacations"
Director of the Family Travel Association

It took Sally a while to figure out exactly what she wanted to be when she grew up.  In the meantime she's been a single mom to three kids, a Pediatric Nurse who delivered babies, an internet pioneer and all while circling the globe while knitting. After all this hard work she finally settled on the idea that vacations are something she does best.

Sally is author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations - How to Make Everyone Happy Without Losing Your Mind"

She is also Director of Travel Agent Initiatives at The Family Travel Association where she created the FTA Academy - the first of its kind training course for experienced travel agents wanting to specialize in Family Travel.

When she's not on the road, she lives and works in Pennsylvania with her husband Brian.  She recently added the prestigious title of "Grandma" to her resume.



Amber Tibbs Vacationkids

Group Fun Specialist & Luxury Family Travel

Amber specializes in Europe and luxury vacations but she's particularly loves bringing family groups together. Whether a villa in Tuscany or a sunny tropical resort, she's an expert at bringing people together for celebration vacations or simply creating shared memories.



Mary Ellen Nunes

Disney Diva, Resort Reviewer and Resident Geek

At Vacationkids we say Mary Ellen knows Disney better than the Disney people know Disney! She's our resident expert on ALL things related to "The Mouse". When she and her family are not visiting Mickey, she's helping the team be more productive or helping us slay website gremlins.



Lea McCastle

Hotel & Resort Afficionado

Lea has years of experience working in the hotel operations department of one of the most respected vacation tour companies. Her specialties include the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Disney & Vegas Baby!  (Because grown ups need some fun time too!)



Tamara McDonald

Globe Trotting Adventurer
Air Department Genius

Tamara comes to us from the land down under.  This Aussie has the heart of an explorer always looking to discover a world of new possibilities. Tamara is our exotic destination specialist and adventure travel expert. If you seek the exotic, unusual or even the extreme, Tamara is your girl.



Nicole Thibault

Special Needs Travel - consultant

Nicole's expertise is helping families with children on the autism spectrum and those with special needs enjoy theme parks, cruises and adventure destinations. She is a certified autism specialists who often speaks about accessible travel at national travel industry events.


Carla Little

Resort and Family of 5 Specialist

Caribbean, Europe, Asia - This "Jersey Girl" knows how to get around this planet. She also knows how tricky it can be finding hotel rooms and cruise cabins when traveling together with a spouse and 3 kids. She's our resident researcher and Chief problem solver.



Vanessa Smiley

Latin America Specialist and U.S Destinations

As a child, Vanessa spent her vacations visiting her family throughout Mexico. Ella habla español con fluidez y tiene una pasión por explorar el mundo. When she's not out exploring another fun destination with her husband and daughters, she's helping the rest of us improve our Spanlish.



Linda Griffith

Cruise Planner

If there is water where you're headed, then Linda knows the perfect cruise for you - Alaska, Caribbean Islands, Mexico, Europe and more. Remember it's not just about the cruise but making the most of your experience with the right sightseeing in port. When she's not out at sea, she can often be found in Florida visiting a theme park.



Tracy McGarvey

Disney & Cruise Specialist

Tracy has always loved getting out and exploring parts unknown. Having young children shouldn't stop you. Tracey believes kids are never to young to start sharing their family's passion for travel.

Alycia McHale

Florida & US Specialist

Alycia knows there's no place like home, and by that she means right here in the US of A.  Theme parks, beach stays, mountain escapes and guided tours for families right here in the U.S. are her specialties.



Office Manager & Director of Play

Scully is a tough office manager, always barking orders. His main responsibility is alerting us to the arrival of the UPS guy.  He's like a shadow always watching what we're up too.  That said, the hospitality industry is his true calling. He was once a wanderer who rescued us. He loves to welcome and make visitors feel right at home. He  firmly believes in taking a break from work...and he's always right - a quick ball toss break or afternoon walk jumpstarts creativity and put a smile on our faces.



Our intern Fergus is the newest member of our team. He's learning to be Scully's assistant in the play department. In the meantime his main jobs are continuous cuddles and paper shredding