Kid Vacations


Explore, Learn, Discover and have Fun doing it

These are the wonder years! This is the time when parents can create a love of wonder, curiosity and exploration for their children.  It's a time for kids to make new friends, gain new confidence and enjoy childhood. Family Vacations can do all this and more. When they turn 40, your kids may not be able to remember the name of their 2nd grade teacher but they will vividly remember the vacation they took with you when they were 7.

Take advantage of your child's growing independence by traveling a bit farther afield.  Vacation planning is a fantastic activity to include and engage kids of this age!

We wrote the book on "Fearless Family Vacations" (really we did!) and we LOVE it when kids participate in vacation planning.  We listen and can create custom itineraries geared specifically to things they are really passionate about - ANYTHING from dinosaur hunting, soccer, music, oceanography and more.  Whatever sparks your family's interests we can do.

Of course, if the kids are happy and engaged, this means parents can relax and enjoy a real vacation too.  We work to create that balance for parents so they can be a guest on their own vacation instead of doing all the work and isn't that what a vacation should be all about? Time to enjoy being together!

Let's talk. We'll all put our heads together and plan out an exciting family vacation that truly takes advantage of these wonder years!

Kid Vacations