Vacation With Teenagers


Discover a New Way to be a Family

If your kids have entered the teen years, your window of opportunity for vacations as a family is beginning to close.  Soon, they will be off to college and creating lives and families of their own. Vacations will be much different then.

While there is time, go out and do as much as you possibly can. Go explore the world together...this is the stuff that makes memories!

Actually letting your teens take some control of family vacation planning allows them to "test drive" some adult responsibilities while taking some of the pressure off of you.  We love working with teens!  Their excitement and passion recharges us too.  We're happy to plan a call or online hangout with all of you to get the vacation party started.  Teens can help make some decisions within the context of parental control. We do it all the time for our families.

Teenagers have the enthusiasm to travel far, to get out and explore.  Travel is one of the very best investments you can make in your child's education and character.  We know the best ways to make it affordable, enriching and life changing for all.

There are SO MANY different ways to create family vacations that teens will love.  The sky is really the limit!  We can help you find the right balance, even with younger siblings in along for the ride.

Let's talk, share ideas and wish lists...from there, we'll create a dream trip your teen, and your entire family will love.

Vacation with Teenagers