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Staying at A Disney World Resort vs Hotel Outside the Park

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Mar 15, 2016 @ 05:04 PM / by Mary Ellen Nunes posted in Disney Vacation

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There is no denying that it’s less expensive to stay an Orlando area property than staying at a Disney World Resort.  And there are many very nice resorts and hotels in the area with beautiful theming, pools, restaurants and more. 

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Magic Kingdom Fireworks

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Mar 01, 2016 @ 10:30 AM / by Sally Black posted in Disney Vacation

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Disney World Fireworks area spectacular, no doubt about it.  Every visitor to the parks may have their own favorite attraction but everyone agrees, it's the Magic Kingdom fireworks that are one of the most memorable and inspiring magical moments. Experiencing a Disney Fireworks show is usually a high priority for many visitors.

Disney posts an entertainment schedule of all it's parades, fireworks and shows. It's a good idea to check this as you plan your daily itinerary for the parks. Also, keep an eye to the sky as far as weather is concern.  Remember there can be time changes and cancellations due to storms.

As evening falls on the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World guests are treated to the Main Street Electric Parade. Full of color, pagentry, music and the chance to see some of Disney's most beloved characters.  Following the parade, guests are treated to "Disney Wishes".  The theme of the show is the "power of beleiving" Cinderella's Castle is painted every color in the rainbow with laser lights timed with a synchronized soundtrack of Memorable Disney Melodies. The show comes to a climax with Tinkerbell's flight as the "real" Tinkerbell shoots from the castle spire above the heads of spectators on a zipline over between Tomorrowland and Main Street.  The finale is a 15 minute breath taking fireworks show that will light up the night's sky as well as your heart!

Just as there are millions of visitors to Disney World, there are millions of opinions regarding the prime viewing spots for these treasured events. There are the  Disney fanatics that will mark their fireworks viewing points just like the X on the spot of Captain Jack Sparrows Treasure map. Some visitors will gladly pay for prime seats to witness this extravaganza. Other folks will go out of their way to avoid the crowds.

So there are 4 aspects to the entertainment in the Magic Kingdom....

  1. The parade
  2. The castle light show with Tinkerbell
  3. The musical score
  4. The fireworks

You'll also need to consider your own personal travel needs and style

  • Do you need to be in the heart of the action?
  • Are you traveling with little ones? Seeing from strollers?
  • Crowd tolerance?
  • Need a seat? (folks often stake claims to public seats hours before the show)
  • Budget vs priority?
  • Park exit strategy- do you mind waiting or need to sleep?
  • Shorter attraction lines while parade and Wishes is happening

Viewing Fireworks Throughout the park-

Disney knows the fireworks are a treat and priority for many of it's guests.  The good news is that guests can view the fireworks from just about any point in the Magic Kingdom. Soundtrack music is piped thru the park so you'll be able to hear the music as well.  

  • Fantasyland - Just "BEHIND" Cinderella's Castle or around the Seven Dwarf's Mine Train
  • While On attractions - Dumbo, Aladdin, Liberty Square Riverboat and Big Thunder Mountain are some of the favorites.

For The Full Effect -

  • The HUB - It's the central plaza area just at the end of Main Street facing the Castle.  The parade comes right thru this area. It's also one of the best spots to witness the full light show and Tinkerbell's flight.  It's shoulder to shoulder crowded and you'll basically be looking straight up to see the fireworks directly overhead.
TIP:  There are some "Fast Pass" viewing options for firework viewing.  Honestly, these spots aren't that much better than if you simply show up and claim some space. We suggest using your Fast Passes for saving time in attraction lines.
  • Main Street USA - Again, great for viewing the parade, Castle light show and fireworks. You'll catch a bit of Tinkerbell depending on your perspective.  Sidewalks here get EXTREMELY crowded during show time!
 TIP:  all of the shops that line Main Street flow one to another so you can often walk easier indoors than on the sidewalks if you can avoid the temptation of souvenir shopping.
  • Train Station Platform - Personally my favorite spot! Benches line the second floor here and look out over Main Street and the castle.  It's a fantastic vantage point to see the full spectical, you can view the fireworks without breaking your neck and it's a quick exit. Just skip downstairs and you're right at the monorail station and ferry docks.  Also a great spot for stroller size kids. They can easily see over everyone's heads with this bird's eye view.

Farther Afield - 

  • The ticket and transportation Center - This is located across the Seven Seas lagoon from the Magic Kingdom. You will be able to see some of the Castle light show and fireworks. Guests can also hear the soundtrack broadcast from area speakers.

TIP - Disney puts on specialty fireworks displays during Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party and Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party.  These events require an admission fee in addition to your park admission.  For families who's budgets won't allow this extra splurge, do know you CAN still view the specialty fireworks without the extra costs from the ticket and transportation center dock!

  • The Beach at Disney's Polynesian Village Resort - Recent construction has limited much of the space that used to be available here but still a great spot for a picnic.
  • The Dock at the Grand Floridian - A decent viewing point with reflections off the Seven Seans Lagoon
  • Resort rooms - many guests pay to upgrade to Magic Kingdom Park view rooms. These are available for guests staying at the Deluxe monorail resorts, namely the Contemporary, Polynesian and Grand Floridian resorts.  There is a Disney Resort TV channel in your room that will play the synchronized musical soundtrack.

TIP -Disney Room upgrades that come with firework viewing options do cost a pretty penny.  They do make sense for some families with especially young children with early bedtimes, special event celebrations like a honeymoon or anniversary or guests who have special needs.  Remember, you'll be paying for this upgraded view during the entire length of your trip. Your room view remains even while you're out enjoying the parks.  For this reason, some of the "paid" viewing options work out to be more economical if seeing the fireworks is a priority for you.

Paid Firework Viewing Options -

Wishes Fireworks Dessert Party-  $49 per adults/ $29 per child 9 and under.  This desert buffet takes place at the Tomorrowland Terrace with an upfront view of "Wishes".  Tinkerbell will fly right above your heads as you treat yourself to a delightful  selection of themed desserts prepared daily by our pastry chef including chocolate-dipped strawberries, chocolate mousse, seasonal fruits, cheeses, ice cream and Disney character-themed cupcake.  Make a toast with sparkling cider or enjoy coffee, tea, signature lemonades or hot chocolate.


Firework Dining - These Disney Restaurants offer views of Wishes Fireworks. There are a few things to keep in mind here. Not every table will have a perfect firework view.  You MUST make your reservations AS SOON as they are available 190 days in advance for resorts guests. These are PREMIUM reservations in HIGH demand.  Plan your dining time about 1 hour prior to the show. Music is piped in to these locations...
  • California Grill - Contemporary Resort (observation deck)
  • Narcoosee's - Grand Floridian (observation deck)
  • O'Hana - Polynesian Village

Inside the Magic Kingdom guests can catch some particial firework views while dining at the Crystal Place and Casey's corner which are located at the end of Main Street.  On the other side, at the end of Main Street is the Plaza Restaurant.  All of these establishments have outside tables and offer casual dining.  The atmosphere will be crowded and chaotic during the fireworks.  Others have recommended Cinderella's Table as a firework viewing restaurant. Bear in mind this venue is located IN the castle where the fireworks are exploding overhead so not the best spot in our opinion.

Fireworks Cruises
  • Private Fireworks cruises - Prices from around $250 per person. This is a great option for larger groups, something to check off your bucket list or a magical marriage proposal.
  • Ferrytale Wishes: A Fireworks Dessert Cruise - $99 per adult/$69 per child under 9.  Enjoy a buffet of decadent desserts, alcoholic and non alcoholic specialty drinks served in glow glasses and a party like cruise onboard the General Joe Potter Ferryboat. You'll sail to a perfect viewing spot in the center of the Seven Seas Lagoon.  We recommend this option for old kids and adults.
  • Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage - $57.50 per adult $33.01 kids 9 and under. Set sail from the Contemporary resort this Captain Hook, Mr Smee and Patch the Pirate. Enjoy cookies, snacks and beverage as you set sail for your prime fireworks viewing spot in the Seven Seas Lagoon. Upon your return, Peter Pan himself will magically appear for a meet and greet.

So depending on your own "Wishes" and priorities, you'll be able to determing the best way for your family to enjoy the firework extravaganza during your next visit to Disney World. Remember these facts just concern the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.  Epcot, Disney Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom parks each offer their own evening entertainment that will also brighten the skies at night.  Remember to speak with your Vacationkids Travel Agent regarding your best fireworks viewing options as they help you plan your daily itineraries.

I Need Help Planning A Disney Vacation

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What is Disney Memory Maker

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Feb 02, 2016 @ 10:00 AM / by Sally Black posted in Disney Vacation

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So you’re taking the family to Walt Disney World on Vacation.  You’ve booked your hotel, park tickets and dining package. Maybe you’ve even dropped some serious coin on airplane tickets too. 

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How To Plan A Vacation To Disney

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Jan 08, 2016 @ 06:30 AM / by Sally Black posted in Disney Vacation

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 You're searching for an affordable and fun vacation that you're family will love.Disney World offers so many different vacation choices that it can quickly become overwhelming.    

To prevent stress and get the MOST out of your Disney World Vacation...You need a plan!  You've come to the right place. We've created a timeline along with answers to the most popular FAQs about Disney Vacations. Let's get started.....

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New To Disney World for 2016

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Dec 15, 2015 @ 01:08 PM / by Sally Black posted in Disney Vacation

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 The one sure thing aboutWalt Disney World is constantly changing.  2016  for Disney World is no exception.  Here are some of the latest openings, updates and fun visitors can expect for 2106 Disney vacation... 

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Disney Lingo

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Oct 30, 2015 @ 02:22 PM / by Mary Ellen Nunes posted in Disney Vacation

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 Disney World and Disney Parks have so much to offer that discussion groups, boards and chats about Disney vacations have formed their own little language.  If you've been doing your homework online to get a jump start with your Disney Vacation plans, you may find this Disney-speak a bit confusion.

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Celebrating New Years Eve At Disney World

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Oct 06, 2015 @ 07:00 AM / by Becca Bell posted in Disney Vacation

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Recently one of my clients asked me about my experiences celebrating New Year's Eve At Disney World. I had told her that my family spent 5 nights there in 2014. She is planning a trip for her own family and wanted my honest advice. How was it?  It was and was not what I expected.  Will I do it again?  Yes!  Only there are a few things I will and will not do the same.

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What To Do each day in Disney

[fa icon="calendar'] Thu, Sep 03, 2015 @ 09:00 AM / by Becca Bell posted in Disney Vacation

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You have been looking forward to your Disney vacation for months, maybe even years, and now you will be there in just a few short weeks.  So how can you get the most out of your magical vacation?  A Touring Plan is a great way to map out your time in the parks at Walt Disney World.  A Disney day plan can be simple or complex, slow or fast paced, a guide or a mission! Having the help of our professional Disney Travel Agents at Vacationkids can mean a world of difference to how much fun you'll experience.

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Diet Tips for Disney World

[fa icon="calendar'] Fri, Aug 14, 2015 @ 09:58 AM / by Mary Ellen Nunes posted in Disney Vacation

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Have your Mickey Bar and Eat it Too – Yes, You Can eat healthy while on a Disney Vacation.

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Kids With Food Allergies at Disney

[fa icon="calendar'] Tue, Jan 13, 2015 @ 09:25 AM / by Sally Black posted in Family Vacation Health, Disney Vacation, Disney Vacation Details

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18 million Americans have some sort of food allergy according to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education). Over 6 million kids have been diagnosed with food allergies. That's one out of every 13 children.  When you consider Walt Disney World welcomes over 130 million visitors every year, there will be visitors who must avoid certain foods.

Allergy triggers for younger kids are usually milk, eggs and soy. Often kids will out grow these sensitivities.  Tree nuts, peanuts, milk, fish and shellfish are the most common allergies seen in older children and adults. People who suffer from allergies need to avoid trigger foods.  It can be a challenge when dining out in restaurants. How do you know if those french fries were cooked in peanut oil?

Food Allergies are no joke!  An allergic reaction to food can cause irritation of the skin or upset the gastrointestinal tract.  The most serious allergic reactions cause  anaphylaxis which involves the respiratory and cardiovascular system and can lead to death.

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