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What To Do each day in Disney

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Becca Bell

DSCN1138You have been looking forward to your Disney vacation for months, maybe even years, and now you will be there in just a few short weeks.  So how can you get the most out of your magical vacation?  A Touring Plan is a great way to map out your time in the parks at Walt Disney World.  A Disney day plan can be simple or complex, slow or fast paced, a guide or a mission! Having the help of our professional Disney Travel Agents at Vacationkids can mean a world of difference to how much fun you'll experience.

First things first, how many days will you be spending at the parks?  Do you have a Park Hopper Pass?  Do you plan to visit all four Walt Disney World Parks?  Will you arrive as soon as the parks open, take a midday break, and or stay until the parks close?  This information is key when it comes to setting up your touring plans.  .

Are you staying at a Disney World Resort? If so then you'll need to consider "Extra Magic Hours". Each day one of the four Disney World Parks will open an hour early and another will close up to three hours later. Some folks prefer an earlier start to see major attractions, take a break by the pool and then head back for the fireworks. This often will work best for families with little ones that still need their naps. Others believe the best strategy is avoiding the park that opens early and enoy shorter wait times at another park. Our vacationkids staff will look at the crowd calendar, park hours and your family's wish list to determine the best days for your family to visit each of the parks.

The next key ingredient in your plan will be whether or not you have a Dining Plan and or want to make any Dining Reservations.  This is an important factor when it comes to sorting out the details of your Touring Plan because you do not want to miss your dining reservations and the experiences they provide.  You must allow for travel time to your reservation, check in at least fifteen to twenty minutes early, Remember, Walt Disney World encompases over 50 square miles. Often you'll need to schedule a significant amount of time to get from point A to your preferred restaurant. Done properly, you family can eat a delicious meal, relax, and enjoy the experience.  Remember, dining reservations can be made 180 days in advance if you have a Disney resort reservation and 190 days in advance if you have a Disney Visa card. 

Fast Pass selections will be another important element when it comes to mapping out your Touring Plan.  You are allowed to make three selections per day, sixty days prior to your vacation .  If you have a Base Ticket then all of your selections will be at one park, if you have a Park Hopper Ticket then your selections could be at different parks.  Once you have used all of your Fast Pass selections during the day you can select additional Fast Pass Options from a kiosk if there are any remaining options available.

Here is where the fun begins! Magically all of these pieces to your Disney itinerary puzzle start coming together. Our staff will organize your  park days, Dining Reservations, Fast Pass Selections, and your list of must see rides, shows, and character greetings will be mapped out for your family. If shopping, shows and people watching are important throughout the day then will factor in time for those experiences too.

 There are times that you will need to abandon your Disney day planner, we can not control ride closures, crowds, or the weather at the time of your trip. That said, we can suggest "Plan B"options that may end up to be just as much if not more fun.

The wonderful thing about a Disney family vacations is that their are SO MANY choices. On the flip side, having so many different options can be confusing and overwhelming. Our main goal is that you are able to see and do the things that are important to you in the time that you have.  We're on your side, insuring you get the most enjoyment as well as the most value out of your vacation experience. Let us help-

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