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What is Disney Memory Maker

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Sally Black

Disneymemorymaker.jpgSo you’re taking the family to Walt Disney World on Vacation.  You’ve booked your hotel, park tickets and dining package. Maybe you’ve even dropped some serious coin on airplane tickets too. 


Now the question comes up….Should I spend another $169 on the Disney memory maker package.


What is it? 

How does it work?

Is it worth it?

We believe the short answer here is Definitely YES!  (and just for the record, we travel agents make NO commission on selling or suggesting this to you)

Look at it this way, you’ve already made a major investment in your Disney vacation – Wouldn’t you want your entire Disney experience to be professionally documented?

Let’s face it…your kids are only little once.

We parents get NO “do-overs” when it comes to vacation photos.  For this reason alone, Disney memory maker package is priceless.

 What is Disney Memory Maker Package?

Disney Memory Maker package is a digital photography service.  It costs $169 in advance (or $199 if you wait until you get there to decide how wonderful this is).  It is a professional photography record of your entire Disney vacation experience including:

  • Unlimited photos by Disney photographers at iconic photo op spots in all the parks.
  • Dining pictures taken at some of Disney’s restaurants
  • Character meet and greets
  • Ride pictures and videos are automatically added to your account via wireless technology
  • It includes “magic shots” – digital enhancements of Disney characters and special effects

 How Does Disney Memory Maker Package Work?

All of your photos are automatically linked to your My Disney Experience account via your Magic Bands.  All you have to do is flash your magic band and say “CHEESE”.

All of your Memory Maker photos are active for 45 days after photos have been taken. From the MyDisneyExperience website, you can log in, edit your photo, even add Disney-exclusive borders and clip art. You can download the original photos, the edited photos, and any videos. 

If you’re traveling to Disney with a large group, ONE person must be assigned “memory maker entitlement” – basically they are the one person in control of the account. That person can go into My Disney Experience and link everyone on their “family & Friend’s List” to the same memory maker package.  As long as everyone’s reservations are linked together in “My Disney Experience”, your extended family and your entire group can use the memory maker package. 

Disney Memory Maker is an entirely digital package. You do not receive any physical photographs.  It’s up to you to download your photos and videos yourself.  At that point you and print and share them any way you want.  Guests can order a Memory Maker Archive disc containing all of your photos for the additional costs of $29.95 plus shipping.

A Disney Memory Maker package can be added to your reservation up until 3 days prior to your arrival.


Is a Disney Memory Maker Package Worth it?.... 

First a little perspective – think about how much you spend on school, sports or Santa Mall photo packages.

Now, let’s say you’ll be at Disney for a week – The cost adding the Memory Maker works out to $25 per day.

Considering what you’ve already spent, that a mere pittance for priceless memories.  Compared to a lot of

Other crap souvenirs you could be buying, these are treasured memories that will last a lifetime.


Let’s say you’re traveling with your extended family – Grandparents and siblings and kids

12 adults – That’s an extra $15 per person!


Let’s say your family generally takes about 200 pictures while on vacation (most families click FAR more than that) – We’re talking $.85 cents a picture!

And that’s a picture with proper lighting, lens and  exposure!

Most importantly – you’ll get keepsake photos  with the entire family TOGETHER.

Of course, you’re entitled to take individual pictures too – as many as your heart desires.

 So Let's recap...

No schlepping heavy photo equipment.

No worries about banging and breaking your camera on the rides.

No fiddling with exposures while your family rolls their eyes.

No handing over your family’s priceless memories to inexperienced strangers. 

Yep…TOTALLY worth it!

Here are a few tips for Getting the Most out of Your Memory Maker package

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Vacationkids.com Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.