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Friend Therapy: Vacationing with your BFF

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Mary Ellen Nunes

Readers here may think that because our site and business is named VacationKids that we only do vacations with kids. That could not be further from reality.   We have worked with families for so many years that the toddlers that enjoyed their first view of the ocean with our help are now adults - getting married, having babies, and looking for an escape from the everyday for some friend therapy.

WashHouse_GazeboWhat is friend therapy? If you have to ask, YOU NEED A VACATION!   

Friend trips are often laid back, low pressure, no-stress trips.  We all love our families, but as mom or dad, we find ourselves having to be boss, driver, financier, decision maker and ringleader of a 3 ring circus.  Days of working, evening of running to sports and recitals followed by meal prep, homework, adds up.  Sometimes you just need to spend a few days away to recharge.

Pick your bestie, your sister or brother, your lunch buddy from work, and get away.   

Why not your spouse? If you have children, or pets, having your spouse sit this one out saves you the extra work of finding (and paying for) a caregiver for your children or pets.  And, let's be honest, even the most dedicated couples benefit from a little time apart.    Next time, switch role and you be the one at home while your partner or spouse escapes.

Where to go? Explore a new town that's halfway between where you each live, take a cruise, hit Vegas and enjoy some night life, visit a new country. Plan a quick 3 - 4 night get away, or plan your bucket list trip that you've daydreamed about for years.   There's no right or wrong answer: only what is right for you.   Schedule a call with your travel agent to talk about your time and budget - if you're feeling really adventuresome, let your travel agent surprise you.  

What do to? That is the beauty of a friend get away.  What you do is something that makes the most sense to the two of you.   Have a sporty friend?  Take a weekend to see the US Open in New York City, or a ski weekend in Vermont.  Love the arts?  Check out the Art Basel festival in  Miami.  Need to nerd out?  Visit Meow Wolf in Denver.  It's not what you do, it's the person you are spending time with.  

How to get started?   Ask your bestie, and find your dates.  Reach out to a trusted travel agent who can put together as much or as little of an itinerary as you would like. 

What are you waiting for?  


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Mary Ellen Nunes

Written by Mary Ellen Nunes

Mary Ellen is our Vacationkids expert on all things Disney: From the parks to cruises and Disney's Adventure Bound vacations, Mary Ellen will help you plan your Disney vacation. She is also a Certified Family Travel Specialist from the Family Travel Association, having been helping families create amazing memories since 2014.

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