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What's Your Idea of a Family Adventure Vacation?

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Sally Black

Gadv canoe.jpgAdventure travel is a type of niche tourism, involving exploration in an “unusual, exotic, remote, or wilderness destination.”  Travelers are highly engaged in activities that include perceived (and possibly actual) risks, often requiring specialized skills and physical exertion.
Ask any parent and this definition pretty much describes the act of getting the kids out the door to school each and every morning.

That said, a family adventure vacation is simply a lot more fun!

Every family in the world has their own definition of what a family adventure vacation looks like....

  • Mountain biking in the Rockies
  • Learning to scuba dive
  • Exploring a rainforest in Costa Rica
  • Surfing in Hawaii
  • Horseback riding at a dude ranch 
  • Going on Safari in Africa
  • Hiking in a National Park
  • Dogsledding in Alaska
  • Riding a camel through the desert
  • Camping and fly fishing
  • Visiting a local village in Thailand

 The possibilities for family adventure vacations are endless!

Your experience can involve anything from extreme sports, learning new skills or even cultural immersion activities.

The only tricky bit here is adding children into the picture.  

Perhaps you loved  these  types of adventures "BC"....Before Children.  Now you fear those glory days are long gone. You've completely given up now that you're driving a minivan.

Maybe you still hold onto a glimmer of hope or dream that "one day" you'll get to enjoy these types of vacation adventures  as soon as you can convince your partner and kids that there is life beyond a 5 star resort or theme park.

Besides all this, parents worry! comes with our job description.  The thought of heading to the grocery store with a 5 year old is daunting enough let alone the idea of heading off into a jungle.

let's face it - You need some professional help!

It's time to call in an expert family travel agent.

There are a LOT of moving parts to planning any fun and memorable family vacation.  When you add the element of adventure, there are a few more careful considerations that need to be addressed....

Age Appropriate Activities -    Maybe you have a blended family. Your teens are begging for an adventure vacation but you know your little one isn't up to the long flight or challenge.  Maybe you werent' aware that kids as young as 5 can start learning scuba skills.

Rules - Many guided tours have age requirements.  These may be in place for safety considerations. Often they are in place for the comfort and enjoyment of everyone on the tour - not just your family.  You may not have a problem brining your 5 and 8 year old along but other tour guests may not be so welcoming.  There is a way around these rules by inviting a few family members or friends along.  By creating your own multi-generational trips or small private group departures you'll have far more flexibility and can even customize your tour experiences by including more child friendly activities not offered on a typical guided tour.

Skill level - Weekend hikes with your kids locally is far different than a 4 day trek at altitude to Machu Picchu camping on the Inca trail.  An honest reality check with a professional in the planning stage means vacation expectations can be met and often exceeded.  

Balance - If you're an adventure lover married to a travel diva with a toddler you don't have to go off with your tail between your legs to hide in the minivan. A Travel agent can help you achieve balance. You Can make everyone happy without losing your mind.  The key here is compromise. Book your partner a suite on an Alaskian cruise, one that offers child care for your little one so you can spend the day dogsledding. It may not be the Iditarod but it's something you can check off your bucket list while staring at your family's happy smiles.

Budget - Smart planning helps to make your family adventures more affordable.  If creating these experiences for your kids is a priority for your family, a travel professional can help coach you with ideas and tips to keep costs from climbing.

Families that experience "unique, exotic or remote" experiences together share an unusually tight bond. After the "risks, challenges and exertion" there is a sense of accomplishment and acheivement. The memory of empowerment is the best family vacation souvenir possible.


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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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