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What's Included at a Family All Inclusive Resort?

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Sally Black

What's includes at a Family All Inclusive Resort

Family all inclusive resorts offer fun-filled vacation experiences starting at a price of $80 to $100 per person/per night.  These resorts are found in popular Caribbean, Mexico and Central America vacation spots but there are all inclusive family resorts in other world wide destinations too.

If you're dreaming of a tropical, beach vacation this may be the perfect pick for you. If you are new to this type of a resort experience, let's go over exactly what's included in the price you pay for an all inclusive resort....

1. Accommodations

Obviously the family needs a place to sleep while on vacation. Just like any other hotel or resort, all inclusive room prices are determined by the level of luxury, services offered, space, floor plans and of course, location, location, location.  Ocean front facing rooms with breathtaking views will obviously cost more than a view of the gardens. What makes a family all inclusive resort different than a typical hotel or beach resort is all of the following features listed here.

2. All Meals & Snacks

Yep! Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks for everyone. if you live with growing boys who are eating machines this alone will make you happy!

 When comparing which resort to choose, don't just compare beautiful beach photos.  Parents often fail to consider resorts with higher price tags means more dining choices in addition to larger food budgets for inclusions like organic farm to table produce or premium liquor brands on the bar.   When it comes to all inclusive resort restaurants, some may require reservations or limit the number of times during your stay that your family can eat at their full service  "ala carte" restaurants. If you have little ones or appreciate the convenience of room service it's important to know if this service is offered.

3. Open Bar

Beverages are included too.  This means open bar for adults and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks for the kids. Whenever you feel a little thirsty, just head to a nearby bar and order what you want.  Considering most all inclusive family resorts have swim up bars, your family won't even have to get out of the pool to drink.  In addition, most resort rooms come with a "mini-fridge" that is stocked daily with bottled water, beer, juices and soda.  Upscale resorts will offer premium bar brands while moderate resort many only offer local brands of beer, wine and alcohol.

4. Complimentary Child Care

Children's program. kids camp or free babysitting - whatever you would like to call it, it's included in the price of your room.  Kid camps at all inclusive resorts generally offer daily, age appropriate activities like sports, competitions, games, movies, cultural learning and crafts for ages 4-12.  Kids clubs are usually open during daytime hours but some resorts do offer evening programs as well.  There are a handful of all inclusive resorts that offer nursery programs for infants and a few that offer teen programs too.  Young children usually required to be potty trained in order to participate in kids club activities.  Also parents need to be aware that they must remain on resort property while their children are being supervised at the kids club.  Parents cannot leave the resort to go sightseeing.

5. Fun Daytime Activities

Family all inclusive resorts offer a full schedule of fun daytime activities where everyone is welcome to participate (or not).  Dance classes, cooking classes, language classes, mixology, water aerobics, yoga, fitness classes, volleyball, soccer matches, nature walks, pool scuba classes, bingo, trivia - the list goes on and on.  The resort entertainment staff is there to assist and encourage guests to have fun. All inclusive resorts offer "non-motorized" water sports.  First time guests are often confused as to what this exactly means. It's simply - water activities that do not include a motor.  This means guests can use sports equipment to snorkel, boogie board, kayak, windsurf, use sail craft, paddleboards etc.  Often water toys like jet skis, Banana boats and parasailing are available but because they use motors, they are not part of the all inclusive program so guests would need to pay an extra fee for these activities.

6. Nightly Entertainment

Family all inclusive resorts offer evening entertainment so the fun goes on even after dinner.  Stage shows, cultural song and dance, game shows, comedy acts, family movies and beach parties.

7. Tips and Gratuities

Yes, gratuities are included in the price of your room. Every time you order a refreshing drink or a snack, somebody isn't standing their waiting with their hand out.  

8. Your Travel Agent

This is the most surprising feature that's included in the price of your all inclusive family resort.  Travel agents are paid a commission by the resort so it doesn't cost anything extra to use our services. Actually it saves you a ton of planning time and worry.  Imagine not having to spend hours angsting over google, feeling overwhelmed or confused.  Enjoy the luxury of great service and have your questions answered by a knowledgeable human being. In addition, our team at Vacationkids has all the answers when it comes to best local sightseeing, what you should explore and tourist traps your family should definitely avoid.  We're with you every step of the way and it doesn't cost anything extra.

Set up a free consultation with one of our family all inclusive resort specialists at Vacationkids and see how far your family vacation budget can take you!

PS.... All inclusive resorts aren't just limited to family beach vacations

Did you know there are all inclusive ski resorts?


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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

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