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Taking The Kids to Costa Rica

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Sally Black

Taking the kids to Costa RicaYour family is on the search for a warm and wonderful vacation spot. You've visited the Caribbean before and loved it. Mexico...been there and done that.  You're craving a new adventure but don't want to spend hours on a plane or drain your bank account.

Think Costa Rica!

Here are our top 5 reasons why you would enjoy a fun, family vacation with the kids in Costa Rica...

1. Easy Flights

Depending on where you're situated in the U.S. it's about 3.6 to 5 hour direct flight. Even if you do need a connecting flight it's a lot closer than many other exotic, wild life destinations. Best part, there is no major time changes or jet lag involved.

Costa Rica With Kids

2. Caribbean and Pacific Beaches

Caribbean Beaches are very different than Pacific ocean beaches. Beach lovers can really enjoy the best of both worlds in Costa Rica. The pure white sand beaches of the Caribbean and the exotic black beaches of the Pacific. Families can enjoy every type of water sport imaginable.  it's easy to fly from one coast to the other in about 45 minutes.  Driving can take 4-6 hours and a jeep or guided tour is highly recommended.

taking the kids to Costa Rica

3. Rainforests & Volcanos

Costa Rica is a land of natural diversity. Even though Costa Rica sits about 500 miles from the equator, it offers visitors the chance to explore 12 different micro climate zones. Temperature varies from hot and humid to cool and foggy determined by the elevation and other geographical factors. There are two major seasons that exist in this tropical paradise, the dry season (December to April) and the rainy season (May to November). Wet season does not mean a vacation wash out. Mornings are likely to be sunny and short showers expected in the afternoons.

taking the kids to Costa Rica

4. Animals Encounters

Thanks to it's micro climates, Costa Rica boasts 500,000 different species making it one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. Your family can expect to see monkeys, masaws, dolphins, coatis, iguanas, frogs and toucans. With the help of a guide you can spot crocodiles, ocelots, pumas and jaguars.


5. Accommodations for Every Family

Costa Rica offers every type of accommodations to suit the travel needs of every type of family. From family friendly all inclusive resorts, to luxury villas for extended family groups to rainforest lodges perfect for adventure lovers.

Costa Rica is one of those destinations that is truly suited to a guided tour type of experience. An expert, local guide can enhance your family's vacation experiences by pointing out fascinating, hidden treasures that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

While Costa Rica is a very safe destination there are some areas that are very remote without much infrastructure like we enjoy at home. While many intrepid family travelers yearn for these type of experiences, some families would be better suited and more relaxed in the company of an experienced, local guide, especially those traveling with young children. To make your visit to Costa Rica fun and enjoyable for all, it's important to set the right expectations and goals.

Many families want to visit Costa Rica for it's beautiful beaches or book a villa so that extended family members can spend time vacationing together. While both of these options offer fun family vacation experiences, you'd be missing the essences of Costa Rica leaving it unexplored.  Consider planning a guided tour for part of your stay so that everyone can truly experience everything Costa Rica offers. Plan the final few days of your vacation for a relaxing few days of fun and sun. 

Your children will learn so much just by having a fun vacation!

Our team here at Vacationkids works with local, family owned tour companies, resorts and villas throughout Costa Rica.  We can easily custom craft a vacation experience perfectly suited to your families needs, the ages of your children and your travel style.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

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