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How To Talk With Your Travel Agent

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Sally Black

How to speak with your travel agentTravel is personal - texting is not.

That is why actually speaking to your travel agent is the best way to insure a vacation that exceeds your expectations.

It's smart business to cater to a customer's preferences. Texting can save a busy parent's sanity when trying to check off tasks on your never ending to do list.   Over 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. each day.  Being popular doesn't make it perfect. That said, I would be doing my clients a diservice by planning their vacations in this way.

Full disclosure, I do come from the rotary dial generation.  Yet I too have embraced texting albeit with one finger while wearing glasses. It is vital for quick, succinct communication. Vacation planning requires more than 140 characters.

Although many of us prefer texting, there are important reasons why other forms of communication are vital to properly planning a vacation that exceeds your expectations.

Spoken communication requires greater focus and offers instantaneous reply. It is the most efficient means  to understand a client's needs, requirements and wishes. An investment of a short phone call or video meeting is vital to establish a foundation for all that is to come.  Respectfully you work too hard and vacation time is too short to take any shortcuts with your plans.

Email is best for returning client quotes. All the inclusions of your vacation package can clearly be spelled out in black and white.  Miscommunication and reservation changes can come with costly change fees and penalties. In the worst circumstances they can result in canceled plans and disappointments. Business ethics and law require agents inform consumers of all the terms and conditions associated with their vacation purchase. Email is a much better vehicle for delivering all of this important information.

Once your itinerary and all of it's inclusions have been decided. Any last minute questions can easily be clarified with a text.

Vacation confirmation requires personal information, passport details and credit card numbers.  This information should only be exchange via a secured, online form or directly over the phone.  For your own security and personal identity safety, none of this information should ever be sent via text. 

Most airline, cruise or tour companies will send out your guest confirmation via email. Your agent will need to send you your invoice reflecting your payments and email works for this.

Text reminders work well for updates and reminders that will enhance your vacation experience. Links for background information, sightseeing opportunities and other updates.

Apps like "whatsapp" or facebook messager will allow travelers to stay in text with loved ones at home as well as their travel agent. Texts and messages can be sent from any corner of the world easily with a WiFi connection. This comes in handy if you need any assistance from your travel agent while on the road.

Once your tucked back in at home, your travel agent will most certainly want to speak with you.  Once again a phone call or video chat is the most efficient way to get this accomplished.  This is how you build a relationship and create a partnership.  These post travel chats will help your agent understand what new experiences you enjoyed and perhaps those that you would like to improve or avoid in the future.  This is also a good time to have some preliminary conversations about what your next travel adventure will become.

Last but not least, text is prefect for connecting your friends with a excellent travel agent who can save them time, hours of frustration and create memorable experiences for their family too.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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