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How Much Do Family Tours Cost

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Sally Black

How Much Do Family Tours Cost

 Updated June 2019

A family tour vacation is known by several different names. Travel agents call these types of vacations guided or escorted tours that are especially designed for families. Your family will be traveling along in the company of other families while a tour guide takes care of every detail along the way. Family tours come in every size, shape and flavor imaginable...your family can dogsled through the Alaska Wilderness, ride a gondola in Venice, Get up close and personal with a Kangaroo or enjoy an African Safari together. 

Family tours offer so many benefits that parents should consider as they plan their family vacations. Family tours are one of the most efficient ways to visit some of the "must see" places all around the globe. They offer the comeraderie as well as the safety offered by traveling as part of a group. Your tour guides are trained to bring you insights into local history, culture and places along your route that can enhance your experience but could otherwise be easily overlooked. Also having someone along for the ride that can fluently speak the local language can be invaluable.

Often parents will start shopping and planning for their family vacation, stumble upon some of these tours and experience sticker shock. Many think they can "copy" these itineraries and save a ton of money by DIYing their own vacation itinerary.  The reality is guided tours actually offer of savings of around 40% compared to independent travel. The reason for this is not only their efficiency and the tour companies bulk buying power. Obviously a company that brings thousands of travelers to your hotel or attraction year after year will get better pricing than your family of four doing a once in a lifetime trip.

This article title promised to reveal how much family tours costs and honestly, this is a really tough question to answer.  I'm not trying to be shady here. It's just that there are so many different pricing variables to consider with each different family tour. Here are just a few....

  • Destinations - The cost of doing business is less in India than it is in Rome
  • Accomodations -A London Hotel will cost significantly more per night than a tent in Peru
  • Transportation - domestic or international flights, chauffers, group tour buses or public transportation
  • Length of stay - Obviously 14 days will cost more than 4 days
  • Size of the Group - attentive small group or touring with 40 other people
  • Level of Service - Do you mind waiting in mind or must you have a private tour
  • Time of Travel - Do you need to Vacation during Spring break or can you visit during off season
  • Activities - Do you need special equipment, transportation, sightseeing admission
  • Age of guests - Is the tour geared for a 16 yo, 6 yo or both
  • Number of guests - Do you need 1 hotel room, 2 rooms or your own private tour
  • Meals - What is the quality and quantity of what is included
  • Reputation - Are you booking with a trusted company or fly by night operation

The good news here is that you can see from this list of variables that there are family tours offered for all different price points. Guided family tours also come with a different set of fine print rules.  This is certainly one of those situations where it is imperative to work with an experienced travel agent.  A good travel agent can help you balance your wish list against your family's needs and budget. One who understands the loopholes and can help guide you to make sure you get the best experiences and value for your hard earned dollars. Payment plans can also help you realize your dreams.

To illustrate the costs and differences in family tours, let's look at a couple of specific family tour vacations to Italy...

Adventures by Disney -  Their 8 day Italy tour of Rome, Tuscany & Venice for 2019-2020 prices averages around $5079 per adult and $4789 per child. Adventures by Disney Tours are completely different from their theme park experiences. There will be no Disney character meetings but instead a luxury travel experience conducted in the style of Disney hospitality which is known world wide. Guests are greeted with many Disney "magic" experiences along the way...

  • The services of TWO Adventure Guides (special activities for both adults and kids simultaneously)
  • VIP access and private events together
  • Outstanding accommodations
  • Most meals during trip
  • Admission fees to attractions and performances
  • Cultural experiences with local experts
  • Family activities and special thrills just for kids
  • Transportation within your vacation
  • Luggage service

Trafalgar Tours offers a similar family tour of Italy visiting the similar locations in 2019 for an average price of about $3000 per person. This includes 9 nights at family style hotels, 12 meals, transportation within your tour and one guide. Sightseeing and activities differ.

Intrepid Travel - Intrepid's family tour of Italy for 2019-2020 offers Rome, Pompeii and the Amalfi coast. This tour offers a guide, 7 nights accommodations with breakfast and 1 group dinner. It offers plenty of free time for sightseeing on your own and encourages more of an immersive experience with Italian locals. Prices starting at $1725 for adults and $1495 for kids.

Again these are just a few types of similar of family tours to Italy as an example for your to compare and contrast. Of course there are MANY different types of family tours to just about every destination you can imagine.

One important point to bear in mind is that most tour companies that offer family guided tours tend to keep family tours on the small side. So why is that of benefit to you?...Often if you convince other family members or friends to join you on your adventure, Vacationkids can create a Custom Private Family Tour for even less.Now wouldn't it be amazing to share your family tour adventures with other people that you love?

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

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