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Cruise Packing Tips and Travel Hacks

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Sally Black

Cruise packing tips and travel hacks

Cruises are all about fun and packing for one should be fun too.  The thing is, most cruise ship cabins are small and designed to conserve every square inch of space. 

If you're a novice cruiser, now you can pack like a expert with these insider tips and hacks.  They will help you get more enjoyment and fun out of your cruise.

Good news is that most of these items are inexpensive and easy to find. We've included links to Amazon so you can ship them conveniently to your front door. Otherwise, most can be found in your local dollar store.

1. Magnetic hooks -  Most folks don't realize cruise ship cabin walls are actually made of metal.  Having a few extra hooks to hang damp clothes, your bags or anything else you can imagine can really come in handy. While you're add it, bring a handful of colored refrigerator magnets. This will come in handy to help organize daily cruise activity sheets, children's art work and work great for leaving messages on the cabin doors of friends and family.

2. Thermos Mug - Keep specialty coffee drinks warms and Caribbean cocktails icy cold whether you're on deck, in a show or at the beach.  Cruise photographers are always around taking photos.  Get a photo thermos and not only will you be able to tell who's mug belongs to who within your cabin, but you'll be the talk of all the guests who see you proudly carrying it around the ship.

3. Take care of seasickness - If you think you'll be affected by the motion of the ocean then do like a boy scout and always be prepared.  There are over the counter meds, Pressure point bands and natural ginger remedies. It's always best to double check with your doctor in advance if you think this might be a problem.  Your doctor can prescribe Scopalamine patches which is prescription medicine highly effective in treating motion sickness.

4. Pack a multiple USB electrical charger - Most cruise cabins only have one or two electrical outlets. Families often need to charge multiple devices like a tablet, charge a phone all at the same time.   I like the one from Anker which lets you charge 6 devices at once.  

5. ZipLoc bags are a traveler's BEST friend.  Larger ones are great. You can organize your daily outfits by the day and then use the bags to contain and dirty, smelly or damp clothing after use.

6. Dryer sheets will help keep your clothes, shoes, suitcases and cabin smelling springtime fresh, even if it really isn't.

7. Wrinkle Remover Spray - Irons are NOT provided in cruise ship cabins because they are considered a fire hazard. If you try to bring one onboard, it will be confiscated by security. Some cruise ships do have self serve laundry facilities but who wants to iron on vacation?  Just spray, press the wrinkles out by hand or adjust fabric and you're good to go.  Watch this video for Cruise packing tips, travel hacks and how to stay wrinkle free without an iron.



8. Beach Towel Clips -  Claim your space, have a little fun and never let your beach towel blow away again.  You'll be the envy of all bathing beauties surrounding your fabulous lounger.

9. Make your own shade with a light weight folding beach tent. Keep cool while keeping kids sun safe.

10. Lanyard with waterproof pouch  to hold your ship card, ID, money and phone because most bikinis don't have pockets.

11. Drinking straws  are perfect to help keep necklaces and bracelets from becoming a tangled mess in your luggage. Cut to the length you want, feed one side thru the straw and simply fasten to stay tangle free.

12. A sightseeing backpack for when you're out sightseeing in exotic ports of call. If you're a power shopper it's always a great idea to have an extra folding suitcase with you so you know you can safely get all your new treasure home.

13.  Of course it never rains on vacation but it's always good to know you'll be covered with a light weight travel rain poncho.  You may not mind getting wet but your camera equipment might.

14. Don't worry about some water and your camera.  Get a GoPro camera to capture all those fun action shots and underwater adventures with some new fishy friends.

15.  A few inflatable pool toys is an easy way for kids and parents alike to make some new friends at the pool or beach.


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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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