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Best Reasons to Take Your Teens on a Caribbean Cruise

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Sally Black

Best Reasons to Take Your Teens on a Caribbean Cruise

1. Save Money!

This is the reason parents love most. Cruise ships, unlike hotels, charge by the number of passengers sharing a cabin - period.  The cost has nothing to do with age.  At many resorts, once your child turns 13 they will need to pay the "full boat" adult rate.  On a cruise ship, the first two passengers in the cabin (aka - mom & dad) will pay first and second passenger rates. No matter how old your children are, if they are sharing the cabin with you they will pay 3rd, 4th, 5th passenger rates which are lower (aka - kids rates).  Of course the number of passengers sharing the same cabin is dependent on the occupancy limits of your particular stateroom. Also be aware that when a cruise line offer "perks" like free drink or specialty dining , this discount applies to the first and second passengers only. Any additional passengers sharing the cabin would need to pay for the cost of these perks.

Bonus tip - 70% of U.S. families live within a one day drive of a cruise port. This means "technically" your family could drive to the Caribbean - well, drive to your cruise ship and sail the rest of the way. Bottom line this could save your family from buying  airline tickets.

2. Teen Programs 

All the family friendly cruise lines to the Caribbean offer fully supervised teen clubs with a day long schedule of activities.  The list of activities differs by cruise line but programs range from sports to video game competitions, culinary classes to STEM programs.

3. Free Pizza

If you live with teen boys the money you'll save on weekly pizza delivery might well pay for your vacation! Seriously, when you consider the cost of a Caribbean cruise vacation starts at around $75 per person per nights AND includes all your meals and snacks it can make the idea of a cruise vacation very appealing. Also nobody has to constantly cook to feed bottomless pits or wash dishes afterwards. Also on most Caribbean cruises you can eat pizza from morning until very late at night - Love!!!

4. Never be Bored

All the family friendly cruise lines sailing to Caribbean are in this amazing race to see who can top their competitors when it comes to onboard amenities and entertainment.  Pools, waterparks,18 story slides, classes, Merry Go Rounds,  Broadway shows, bumper cars, sports, contests, trivia, surf simulators - the activity list is endless.

5.  Teens Can Learn to Drive

Well, sort of - some MSC Ships offer Formula One race car simulators.  The Norwegian Bliss, Joy and Encore all come tricked out with an actual race track where teens can practice their driving skills.

6. Independence and Freedom

Teens have the freedom to explore all around the ship and parents have the peace of mind knowing they can't get very far when your a million miles out at sea.

7. No Curfew

Teen friendly cruise lines to the Caribbean offer teen discos and clubs into the wee hours of the night. What better place to make new friends and enjoy a mocktail or two.

8. New Places to Discover

Although they may want a sleep-in after a late night, your teen can wake up each morning to new exciting adventures in different exotic Caribbean ports of call.  These adventures can be tailored to your teen's specific interests whether that be shopping, snorkeling, exploring or cuddling a sloth.  Some cruise lines offer shore excursions just for teens.

9. Private Islands

Every family friendly cruise line to the Caribbean owns their own private island.  These are popular ports of call with many itineraries.  Once again, teens can enjoy the freedom to explore all there is to see and do.  There are supervised teen activities on these islands and fun features like ziplines, hot air balloon rides, watersports and so much more.

10. Meeting the locals

Often parents are delighted to see teens engaging is family activities while on a Caribbean cruise in a much different way then when at home.  Your teens may enjoy learning about the history of Bob Marley and his iconic music in a way that brings the country of Jamaica alive to them.  They will never forget touching a stingray or swimming with a dolphin.  These are the moments that make vacations priceless.

There are many more reasons why a Caribbean cruise can be an ideal vacation option with traveling with teens. If you're new to cruising, check out our family cruise guide  and schedule a free consultation with one of our Vacationkids cruise experts.  We have deals and perks you won't get booking directly with the cruise line.  We recommend booking early so you can take advantage of our Free Vacation Layaway. Don't worry if a better sale price comes along, we can apply it to your reservation and teach you ways to save on shore excursions, future cruises and groups.


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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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