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Becca Bell

Disney influenceIf someone asked you who Mickey Mouse was, you would know.  If someone asked you who Elsa and Anna were, chances are pretty good you would know who they are, too.  (Perhaps Hearing my daughters sing Let It Go, would help.)  It is hard to imagine a world without the one that Walt Disney created for us.  We are all affected in some way by Disney, whether it is watching a Disney movie for the millionth time with your three-year-old, planning a trip to Disney, reliving your own childhood Disney memories, or picking up a birthday card and seeing that a few of the selections include Disney Princess's or even the Mouse himself.  Disney IS fascinating for so many reasons!

For many of us Disney is part of our lives through books, television shows, and movies.  I still have an ABC Disney book from my childhood that I now read to my own children.  I love to read about the Disney parks and Walt Disney himself.  When the television is on in our house we are usually watching Disney Junior.  A few weeks ago I watched a show detailing how Animal Kingdom was built, completely and utterly FASCINATING!  We usually go to the movie theater to watch the latest Disney movie and yes, we did purchase the movie Frozen, which just came out. 

Disney vacations are like no other, there really is something magical about a Disney vacation.  The size of the parks and the Disney cruise ships amaze me, but even more fascinating to me are the logistics that are involved in working out all of  the details for the Disney guests.  Every single person that works at Disney is an important part of a guests vacation.  Cast members entertain us as we watch the shows, they keep the lines moving for the rides, they feed us, and they keep the parks and ships clean for us.  (And you thought planning your trip was hard work!)

If you look around during your daily routine you are probably going to encounter at least one thing that will make you think about Disney.  I'm currently sitting in my daughters Sunday school class writing this and there is a little girl with a stuffed Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Tomorrow when I watch Good Morning America on ABC I will inevitably think about their connection to Disney.  If you are a fan of Disney souvenirs, you will see them in your home and be reminded of your time in Disney or your desire to go to Disney.

I am fascinated with the memories that a Disney vacation can provide your family with.  Your trip begins when you decide to go to Disney and your memories allow the trip to last forever.  My Mom has a picture of my Dad holding me on his shoulders in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom when I was two, thirty plus years later, we are not recreating that picture, but we will always have the memory.  Planning your trip can be a lot of work, there are a lot of decisions to be made, especially if it is your first trip to the parks.  Our Vacationkids staff will help you navigate your Disney details and hopefully you will be as fascinated with us as you are of Disney!

What is your favorite part of Disney?  Do you love the parks, do you love the movies, do you collect memorabilia?  Why do you think people love Disney so much!?!

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Becca Bell

Written by Becca Bell

Mother of two, lover of all things Disney and family travel agent at Vacationkids.com. In her free time Becca can be found either running her kids to activities or running a marathon