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Becca Bell

Disney CoastersI am not a huge fan of roller coasters, they scare me!  However, I will ride them, and I will usually scream and hold on tight the whole time!  Even the kiddy coasters scare me, but my kids love them, so I will ride them for their sake.  For those of you who love roller coasters and throw your hands in the air as you come down the hills, Walt Disney World is ready for you.  Each of the four theme parks have some type of roller coaster or thrill ride for you to enjoy and ride over and over again!

In Magic Kingdom there are currently a few roller coasters, with another on the way!  Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain are very popular rides at Magic Kingdom.  Splash Mountain is a fantastic flume ride that is currently closed for enhancements.  Space Mountain is an indoor roller coaster that makes you feel like you are in outer space.  You can even check out the Barnstormer, a junior roller coaster, in Fantasyland with your little thrill seekers.  The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is another coaster that is set to be open summer 2014 and will also be found in Fantasyland.  I can not wait to ride this coaster!

At Epcot you can check out Mission: SPACE, Test Track, and Maelstrom.  These are not true roller coasters, but they are the closest thing to coasters that you will find at this park.  Mission: SPACE allows you to choose your level of training, the Green Team is not as intense as the Orange Team, but you may want to try both if you do not get motion sickness.  Test Track is fun for the whole family and is an excellent educational opportunity as well as a great thrill ride.  Maelstrom is not overly thrilling, but there is a 28 foot drop that you may enjoy.

Hollywood studios is home to the Aerosmith Rockin Roller coaster, which I must confess, I have never ridden.  You will have to share your perspective of this coaster with me.  I always think I am going to ride it, but somehow I manage to avoid it every time.  I never miss its neighboring ride, The Tower of Terror and I have even taken my daughters on this amazing thrill ride.  I love how terrified my kids were the first time they rode The Tower of Terror and my little one even said, "I'm am never going on that tower again!"  Guess what, they can't wait to go on it again, they keep asking me when we are going back and telling me how they are going to ride it over and over again because it is the most fun ride ever.  (Yes it is girls, yes it is!)

In Animal Kingdom you can ride Expedition Everest or Primeval Whirl.  I have ridden Expedition Everest once, in fact I rode it with our very own Vacationkids Mom, Sally, I don't need to ride it again.  I know I will ride it again, but it's scary and I like to pretend that I won't ever go on it again.  When you do ride this coaster, make sure you check out your picture at the end, ours was hilarious!  You must be 48" to ride Primeval Whirl and I do not recommend this ride right after lunch or a snack, the spinning and dipping and turning can do a number on a full stomach. 

Tell us which roller coaster or thrill ride is your favorite!  Are you excited to ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom? 

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Becca Bell

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