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Why Disney Is A Great Choice for PUNK or PANK Vacations With Kids

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Sally Black

PANKS and PUNKSIf you are a PUNK OR A PANK, then a Disney Vacation is absolutely perfect for you. Let's face it, who knows kids better than Disney?...This means you can relax knowing you are going to become "the coolest EVER!"

PUNKS and PANKS know who they are. For others needing a bit more explantation, PUNK is an acronym for "Professional Uncle No Kids" and of course PANK stands for "Professional Auntie No Kids".  PUNKS and PANKS "extend" the definition of family vacations. It's one of the fastest growing trends we're seeing in family travel.

Ultimately Kids get to learn and see the world. They get to enjoy quality time with committed adults that they might not get to see all that often.  Aunts and Uncles get eager travel companions that allow them to reconnect with family on a whole new lever. PUNKs and PANKs may have the time and the means to take kid vacations that parents may not be able to afford. Parents get help raising their children and a bit of a break to themselves. It's a win-win-win for everyone in the family.

PUNKs have been around since before the spiked mohawks of the seventies (pun intended). I can remember days as a kid fishing and crabbing with my own uncle out on Cape Cod. PANKs are a bit of a new phenomenon. Nearly half the women who draw a six figure salary don't have kids. Whether these men and women are childless by choice or by circumstance, they have the time and means travel. They want to inspire and share these wonderful experiences with their neices and nephews.  This travel trend fits right in with the philosophy with "it takes a village to raise a child".

So why Disney for a PUNK or PANK vacation with kids?...It's the multitude of choices.

DISNEY THEME PARKS - Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme park vacations are complete no brainers. There are plenty of entertainment choices for kids of every age.  This includes PUNKs and PANKs who get the added bonus of becoming a kid again too. No need plan kid activities to avoid boredom here - it's done. Disney will guarantee you are the "fun" Auntie or Uncle. Disney vacations can be created with magical experiences and bonus extras like private safaris, character dining and special events geared to the unique interests of  kid(s) you love. Our team can put this together for you along including daily park itinerary planning to insure you have the most fun and spend the least amount of time waiting in line.

But Disney has so many AMAZING vacation options beyond their theme parks...


DISNEY CRUISE LINE - Disney offers their same wonderful magic at sea. Your nieces or nephews can visit amazing ports in Alaska, the Caribbean, California, Europe or More. If you're concerned about a little too much togetherness, then a cruise might be the right fit. There are plenty of age appropriate, fully supervised activities just for toddlers, kids, tweens and teens. There are also plenty of adult only areas and activities for you too. Of course there are plenty of dining, activity and entertainment choices ideal for together time too. In addition you will have the chance to discover fascinating ports of call all along the way.



 Disney Aulani Hawaii - Disney's Aulani Resort on the Hawaiian Island of Oahu was built as a place to celebrate "ohana" (family). In Hawaii, you'll often hear locals referring to "Kapuna" (elders) by using the terms Uncle & Aunty. These are terms of great endearment and respect. This is what Disney Aulani is all about.  The kids club here is even called "Aunty's Beach House" for just this reason. Once again, Disney's magic offers up fun water parks and ocean sports along with the chance to be immersed in the Hawaiian culture and the Aloha spirit. Aulani is the perfect home base allowing you to get out and explore all the wonders of Oahu. Adult time and special kids spaces along with bonding experiences blend to create the perfect vacation for all ages.


ADVENTURES BY DISNEY - Many people are surprised to learn that Disney offers a program of guided kid friendly tour groups to some of the most popular and amazing places on the planet. These tours are absolutely IDEAL for PUNK and PANK vacations. These luxury, sophisticated VIP tours are all inclusive with luxury accommodations, meals, gratuities, cultural learning, immersive activities, sightseeing and two Disney guides included. The world awaits you - there's no stressful planning, no waiting in long tourist lines and no worries. The only thing you need to do is show up with the kids you love and enjoy a wonderful, fun experience. Your guides blend and balance adult and kid activities making it a wonderful experience that will bond you for a lifetime. An Adventure By Disney vacation is perfect for the young explorers in your life who are full of curosity and wonder.

These are just a few of the many, MANY reasons why a Disney Vacation will make you a rock star among PUNKs and PANKs everywhere.  If all these choices weren't enough, we can even design combo vacations like a theme park visit with a Disney cruise or even a cruise with an Adventures by Disney tour. 

Bear in mind there are some special considerations and extra documentation required when children travel overseas without their parents or guardians. No worries, we will insure you're prepared and good to go. That's what we do. We love bringing family members closer together while sending them far away.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Vacationkids.com Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.