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Best Family Vacation Destinations For 2019

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Sally Black

Family vacations matter!  It's one of the most important legacies that your children will long remember. It's still not too late to plan one of these amazing vacation experiences for your family for this year.

Croatia best family vacation destination for 2019

1. Croatia

Croatia has long been a preferred vacation destination for European families. It's charms are becoming known now to American families thanks to the show "Game of Thrones".  The scenes of "King's Landing" were filmed in the beautiful walled medieval city of Dubrovnik.  Croatia lines the Dalmatian coast, just across the Adriatic sea from Italy.  It offers families heritage and history as well as natural wonders.  In addition, there are many family friendly all inclusive resorts with plenty of water parks and gorgeous beaches similar to those of the Caribbean.  In addition, Croatia is the perfect cruise destination. Extended families can opt to charter a yacht and visit some of the smaller, intriguing islands that dot the coastline. Most of the large family friendly cruise lines offer ports of call in Croatia on sailings from Venice to Greece.

Costa Rica best family vacation destination for 2019

2. Costa Rica 

 Costa Rica is known for ecotourism thanks to its numerous micro-climates and biodiversity. It is certainly a nature lovers paradise. This Central American gem is an easy flight from most U.S. cities.  There is a wide variety of accommodations from basic family owned hotels to luxurious large villas and all inclusive resorts. This means families of all sizes with kids of all ages can enjoy the wonders and wildlife that Costa Rica offers. That said, to truly experience this amazing country, we highly recommend tours offered by local guides for either all or part of your stay. Vacationkids works with several trusted, family owned guide companies in Costa Rica and can create customized itineraries for kids of all ages and even families that have special needs.

top family vacation destinations for 2019 Italy

3. Italy

 Besides all the incredible food and" La Dolce Vita", visitors can't help but feel surrounded by history when they visit Italy.  If parents are looking for a fun filled vacation that offers lots of learning potential then Italy should top their list. Italy offers the most UNESCO World heritage Sites of any country in the entire world. Italy offers families interesting places to stay from luxury hotels, farm stays, villas and even caves.  Vacation packages can include tours, villa or resort stays that can even be combined with cruises or rail packages. Give yourself as much time as possible to enjoy as much of this country as possible. Besides, you'll need lots of time to taste all the different flavors of gelato.

Top Family Vacation Destinations for 2019 California

4. California

California offers the perfect destination for a family vacation. From movie stars, to iconic beaches to its Redwood forests to ski resorts,  families can plan a visit at any time of the year. If families are looking for an "out of this world" experience for 2019, the new "Star Wars Galaxy's Edge" is expected to open in Disneyland this summer. This 14 acre expansion to the park promises to offer guests a completely immersive Star Wars experience. Guests will visit the planet Batuu, an outpost on the edge of the galaxy. Supposedly there will be two new themed attractions. In the first, guests will find themselves in the middle of a battle between the First Order and the Resistance. The second attraction brings guests on a secret mission aboard the Millennium Falcon. The good news for parents, the Cantina here will serve alcohol.

Top family destinations for 2019 Cuba

5. Cuba

Cuba is more like a time travel experience than a typical vacation spot. it is a glimpse back in time into history and offers fascinating social perspectives for all who visit.  Cuba is very safe and Cuban people are warm and welcoming, especially for families.  Contrary to what you may think, it's very easy for American families to visit Cuba. Whether planning a guided land tour or a family cruise, American families will require a license and visa to visit Cuba. These are easy to obtain and our team can help every step of the way. Vacationkids offers custom family vacations, private tours and cruises to Cuba.

Top Family Destinations  for 2019 Galapagos

6. Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands is a "must-see" destination for families that crave incredible wildlife encounters. This isolated group of islands sits about 850 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the middle of the pacific.  It will take two full days for families to travel to the islands so families should plan on a minimum 2 week vacation.  Made famous by the studies of Charles Darwin, this national park closely protects all the creatures that live here.  Thanks to this protection, the sea lions, tortoises, penguins, dolphins and the many species of birds that call the galapagos home have no fear of humans. The best way to get the most out of this vacation destination is by cruise. Ships range from small basic expedition vessels to luxury yachts.  We recommend that children be old enough to follow parent instructions and respect the well being of the animals they will see here.

Top Family Destinations for 2019 Iceland

7. Iceland

Known as the "land of fire & ice", Iceland is a short 3 hour flight from the east coast of the U.S.  It offers the perfect vacation destination for families seeking outdoor adventures. Affordable self drive tours are available but a local guided tour is recommended to get the most out of your family's visit.  Watch a volcano erupt, hike on a glacier, swim between North American and European continental plates, feel the spray of a powerful waterfall, ride an Icelandic Pony through mountain trails and black sand beaches and witness magical show of the Northern Lights. Your family will have fun trying to pronounce all the incredible places you'll visit here. One thing is certain, it's a vacation adventure lovers will never forget.

top family destinations for 2019 Australia

8. Australia

Australia isn't far,  think of it as only one Netflix binge away! If parents allow  kids unlimited screen time, we guarantee the journey down under will fly by.  Australia far more than just a reef and a rock. Incredible experiences abound here and vacations can be customized to the likes, interests and ages of every child.  Bear in mind, Australia is about the same size as the continental U.S. Just like a foreign visitor won't be able to see everything the United states offers in a two week vacation, visitors to Australia will need to prioritize when it comes to their itinerary. No worries mate! Vacationkids Tamara McDonald is an Aussie native and Sally Black was one of 300 travel agents world-wide to receive and invitation to visit along with specialized training from the Australian government.

 Top Family Destinations for 2019 Tuscon

9. Tucson, Arizona

For families looking for a warm, winter vacation that's not "beachy", consider a visit to the desert. Tucson offers plenty of family fun. Besides the zoo,children's museum and planetarium, the local area offers plenty of hiking and biking trails for active families.  Many of the area family friendly resorts come complete with waterparks to keep kids wet and happy. Old Tucson offers families the quintessential Western experience offering fun re-enactments. It has been the backdrop for many western movies that have been filmed here. For families who truly want to experience a bit of the west for themselves, Tucson offers some of the best family dude ranches.

Top Destinations for families 2019 Singapore

10.  Singapore

For families looking for a fun filled, family friendly vacation in Asia, Singapore is certainly a top pick. This island city-state off the coast of Malaysia welcomes kids of all ages.  A family vacation to Singapore offers plenty of Asian culture packed into an English-speaking city. The downtown skyline features the Skyliner Ferris Wheel, the Iconic Marina Bay Hotel with it's rooftop pool and Gardens by the Bay, a nature park adjacent to the Marina Reservoir. At night the city lights take on a magical, futuristic feel. Singapore's Sentosa Island resort is connected to the city by road, rail, pedestrian bridge and monorail. The Island is home home to KidZania role-playing park, S.E.A Aquarium, Universal Studios Theme Park, Adventure Cove Waterpark, Skyline Luge, Siloso Beach, Port of Lost Wonder plus loads more to keep your family relaxed and having fun.

Of course, the top family destination for 2019 is the one your family has been dreaming of visiting. Our family travel experts at Vacationkids can put together unique itineraries to any of these destination sure to exceed your family's expectations. Talk to us today and see how simple vacation planning can be.

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