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FAQ about Working at Vacationkids.com

Vacationkids has worked diligently for more than 15 years to gain the trust of our clients, nurture those friendships and deliver excellent customer care. We expect all of our staff members to maintain these same high standard when they join our team. Sure we have fun, but this is a professional business. It is NOT a hobby. We are looking for highly motivated self starters who are willing to dedicate the time and work required to become a success. When you are successful, Vacationkids is successful.

What is it like to be a Travel Agent with Vacationkids?

Our agents are independent contractors. They make their own hours working from home offices. With a laptop or smart phone, our agents can work from anywhere on the planet . It offers plenty of lifestyle flexibility. To be successful, ideal candidates must be able to work independently, keep themselves focused and free of distractions--which can be a challange when working from home.

You will be responsible for paying your own federal, state and local taxes, similar to a freelance worker. You will also need to pay for your own office gear, computers, internet connection, business cards, phone etc., but this also means you are owed tax write offs for these items, office space, heating, electric and more. You'll need to work all this out with your tax accountant.

Do You offer a Training Program?

Successful agents have extensive knowledge and experience with travel product and destination.  In addtion they need to be well versed in marketing and online content creation. To be successful means honing your  sales skills  to close the deal and create happy clients who will intern referral their friends to book with you.

Our Vacationkids agents have access to our proprietary webinars as well as a vast amount of travel industry supplier training.  We offer one on one coaching as far as best practices to help get you up to speed quickly.  In addition, our agents also have access to some of the best "smarketing" training - how to create online content that builds client trust yeilding more sales and referral networks.

Beyond sales support, thanks to our partnerships, we offer some of the most competitive commission rates in the industry. In addition, we offer advanced group sales training to dedicated agents who have successfully completed our initial training, have a proven sales record and are looking to create annual events and a sustainable high income.

I would love to learn to be a Travel Agent - How Much Does your training cost?

There is a $795  registration fee to enroll in our specialist training program. 

World class travel industry training programs are complimented with our proprietary family travel, marketing and sales training.In addition you will receive specialized training in all of our back office software systems and receive monthly coaching calls in addition to one on one training.

How much can I expect to earn as a Travel Agent?

Be prepared, it does take a bit of time to build your client and referral lists and start earning income.Travel agents generally earn commissions AFTER client's travel so you won't see your commission checks immediately.  We've had several immediate success stories but generally it takes about a year to become proficient and build enough steady income. After that the amount you earn is based on your diligences and dedication.

What type of computer skills do I need to be a Vacationkids agent?

Vacationkids is an online travel agency that works with clients and suppliers the world over.  We expect our agents to be tech-savvy or at the very least, be quick studies!

It is imperitive that they are comfortable being online, sending emails, operating smart phones and have a working knowledge gmail and google for business

What Type of Travel Can I Sell As a Vacationkids Travel Agent?

Our most popular vacation products are Disney, All Inclusive Resorts, Hawaii, Cruises and family tours. But don't let the word "kids" in our name fool you - We sell all types of vacations to people of all ages.

Really our agents can sell ANY any kind of travel to any destination. We will teach you how to give your clients exactly what they want while putting the highest commissions in your own pocket.  We sell individual family vacations as well as huge group travel events.

The most successful agents sell the travel products that they are most passionate about themselves. Often its best to start selling vacations that you have personally experienced. If we accept your application, we'll set up an interview and figure out together which products will give you the best sales success.

How Will I Be Compensated for my Work?

Vacationkids has built our agency commission levels to some of the highest in the industry with our preferred suppliers and partnerships. Higher rate of commission from our industry partners means more money in both our pockets.

What Type of Commission Splits Do you Offer?

Vacationkids wants to be a partner in your success. We offer realitstic goals and sales tiers that reward agent performance.

We starts brand new agents with generous commission split to our agents that starts at 60/40...so what does this mean? Travel agencies are paid a commission for each reservation made. Say you sell a package and the commission due is $1000. You would receive 60% of that amount or $600 and the rest would go to Vacationkids (business costs, liability insurance, maintaining website, generating sales leads etc).

Our agents can give themselves a raise at any time by simply selling more trips and earning more comissions.

When Do Your Agents Get Paid?

Travel agencies usually receive commissions from travel companies about 30 days AFTER our guests have departed. In turn, we pay our independent contractors within 15 days of receiving payment.  You can expect to be paid your comission share within 45 days of your client's departure.


Where will I find clients who want to buy vacations from me?

To get started, you'll need to be responsible for finding, marketing and cultivating to your own clients. Don't worry--we'll help teach you on exactly how to do this. In addition, you'll have access to some of the best sales and marketing training in the world. We'll teach you how to care for your clients, make more sales and turn those sales into more referrals.

Agents who have successfully completed their training and have closed sales resulting from their own marketing campaigns will be eligible to receive travel requests and leads generated from our Vacationkids website.  We take our committment to our website clients VERY seriously. Only qualified agents with a proven record of sales and excellent service will be invited to participate.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Earn?

The amount you earn is equal to the time you dedicate to clients, training and marketing.  You can give yourself a raise at any time. Average full time dedicated agents can expect to earn about $50k per year. One large group event can mean a six or even seven figure salary.

Please remember - overnight successes are far and few. Unless you are an experienced agent with an existing customer base or a networking social media guru with thousands of friends, it will take time to build your income. If you are brand new to the travel industry you can expect to spend a several of months in training before having the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary.  We're glad to help, coach and help you make bookings with you every step of the way. Just please don't expect to immediately quit your day job and be rich.

Does the job come with any perks?

As always production and sales are rewarded. When agents have acquired enough sales to meet CLIA or IATA industry requirements, they will have the opportunity to obtain an industry ID card offering industry discounts and insider rates. In addition, there are opportunities for "familiarization trips". These are free or very low cost learning opportunities to visit destinations, theme parks and cruise ships.

Do you offer Error & Ommissions Insurance?

Yes! This is absolutely necessary and important business protection.

Join  Vacationkids

Would you like to work from home, make your own hours and earn money by helping families make their travel dreams come true?

As a bonus, your travel dreams will come true too!  

This could be your chance to wake up to a job you love every morning or simply make some extra fun money on the side.

Vacationkids is actively seeking independent travel agent contractors to join out team. Seeking candidates who are passionate about travel and have travel experience. experience is a plus but

we are willing to train and share our knowledge, experience and expertise with the RIGHT candidates. The kind of people we want on our team are

  • Honest
  • Well traveled
  • Have a Strong Desire To be Successful
  • Can demonstrate Sales experience
  • Professional
  • Parents (kid experience) preferred
  • Fun!
  • Dependable
  • Helful
  • Creative problem solvers
  • Organized
  • Enthusiastic
  • Good communicators
  • Si usted puede hablar con fluidez español, es sin duda una ventaja.


Job Requirements:

  • Our agents are independent contractors who set their own hours, work from home offices and are paid sales commissions based on their levels of performance.
  • Agents are offered extensive online industry travel courses. Additional sales, marketing and Vacationkids agency training is also required.
  • Agents will need a dedicated workspace free from distraction, a computer, printer and smart phone with high speed internet access 
  • Agents will be responsible for cultivating their own sales prospects and will be given training, guidance and support to promote success. In addition, they will be eligible to recieve sales inquiries from our Vacationkids website once they have achieved certain training and sales goals.
  • To help cultivate business, agents will learn to earn by participating with inbound marketing efforts like blog posts, social media, community events etc.

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