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Cancun Airport For Tourists

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Sally Black


Cancun airportTourists arriving in Cancun Airport will find it easy to navigate and get through.

1. Entry documents will be provided by your airline and handed out during your flight. You will need to fill them out prior to your arrival so bring a pen along in your carry on. If by chance your flight staff doesn't have them, this paperwork will also be available at airport reception. Often airport staff will be available to make sure you have all of your paperwork filled out properly before you get into line.

2. Get your passport stamped at immigration (The lines usually move a lot quicker than here in the states) A portion of one of the forms you filled out on the plane will be given back to you. It is IMPORTANT to keep these cards safe with your passport. Your airline clerk will need to collect this card when you depart for home. If you lose it or dammage it, you will have to pay a fine.

2. Collect your luggage at Baggage Claim. (FYI - If you have a long ride to your resort, this is a great spot to make a bathroom pit stop with the kids. Signs for the "banos" are easy to spot)

3. Mexico xray’s all luggage BEFORE allowing it past customs. Once you collect your bags you will need to get in line and put them through Xray scanners.

4. Red Light/Green light – After Xray, there will be an airport official who will collect your customs card (One of the forms you filled out on the plane). You will be asked to press a button on what looks like a traffic light….Green light means go/Red light means you’ll the lucky winner of a random bag search. No biggie if this happens to you, just takes an extra minute (unless you’re carrying drugs, knives, guns explosives etc – so please leave those at home ;-)

5. Swimming with the Timeshare Sharks – After Xray, you will Exit throught glass doors into the airport lobby. You will immediately be approached by people, some friendly offering help, others who look to be dressed in uniforms asking for your tickets.  These are ALL folks trying to sell TIME SHARES.  Just smile politely and say “NO Gracias”. Act like you know what you’re doing and head for the door outside.

FYI – The time share folks use HIGH pressure sales tactics, the promise of freebies and Mas Tequila to get at your checkbook. They also delay you so that you miss your hotel ride and are at their mercy. Remember, nothing in this world is “free”.  They are harmless, just trying to feed their families but they can be VERY pushy.

6. TO FIND YOUR HOTEL RIDE – YOU MUST EXIT THE AIRPORT COMPLETELY!!!! Once outside at the curb, look to your RIGHT (that’s usually where you’ll see them) and look for the Transportation reps associated with your tour company.  Just hand them your etickets and they will help you with your luggage and get you on the correct bus to your hotel. 

It's always a good idea to have your hotel transportation set and arranged PRIOR to your arrival. It is important to work with a reputable transportation company that is licensed and properly insured.

When you Arrive at your hotel – Most hotels don’t have rooms ready for new guests until midafternoon. This is normal as it takes time to clean and prepare rooms with guests leaving around by 11am – noon.  PACK YOUR CARRY ON BAG with everything you and the kids need to start enjoying your vacation right away, swim gear, sunscreen, sunglass, etc.  This way you can check in, make a quick change in a lobby bathroom and start enjoying your vacation immediately.  Bellman will securely store your luggage and deliver it to your room for you once it’s ready.

You will be “invited” to an orientation program by your rep when you arrive. It is completely up to you whether or not you want to go…mostly they will be selling sightseeing excursions.  THE IMPORTANT TAKEAWAY –is that you MUST check in with your apple rep or hotel concierge 24 hours before your return flight home.  They will tell you what time you have to be ready, checked out and waiting for your return trip to the airport.  They will also double check to make sure you’re not facing any weather issues back home that might delay your flight back.

Only other advice is to HAVE FUN!!!

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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