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Right of Passage Vacations

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Sally Black

Right of Passage Vacations

 Nothing bonds a family together like the experience of travel. Creating a customized Right of Passage vacation is something your family can cherish and remember for a lifetime.

Major family milestones have always been a reason for reflection and celebration. Today many families celebrate important events by traveling together. For as long as time can remember, families have marked important events like marriages and births  with family gatherings. Religions celebrate a child's maturity with a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or confirmation. Depending on your family background you may celebrate your daughter with a Quinceanera or Sweet 16 party. All of these events celebrate the bonds of life and family.

Some families have individual accomplishments that need to be honored. The joy of a family reunion after military service or the celebration of health after a family member's battle with illness are certainly causes worth celebrating. Every one of these family milestones and many, many more can be celebrated with a right of passage vacation.

A customized itinerary can easily be created that will commemorate the life event most important for your family. Inspiration is only limited by your imagination...

  • A family heritage vacation to explore your roots and ancestry
  • Fulfilling the dream  or wishes of the person of honor...seeing the Eiffel tower, a visit to Hawaii or climbing Machu Picchu
  • Taking kids or grandkids to Disney for the first time
  • Reunions to introduce and unite extended family from far away

One of the most popular Right of Passage vacations our team creates for our clients is the "last family vacation"...That important graduation vacation before the eldest child heads away for college. Obviously parents know this probably won't be the "last" family the family will share together but they do know family dynamics will change. It's a time to remember the family's past and look ahead to a new family future. A vacation itinerary can be created to either celebrate the family has a whole or the accomplishments of the new college student. Popular choices are European vacations, cruises to Alaska and group trips together with other graduating families.

Parents appreciate that milestone vacations can often be far less expensive and a lot less work than throwing a huge party to commemorate a special family event. Group travel of 8-10 rooms or more often come with discounts and benefits which can offset the cost of travel for your own family. You send the invites, we do all the work and if enough people decide to travel and celebrate with you, it could mean your immediate family travels for free.

Another milestone vacation we often see at Vacationkids is agrandparent gathering. Often it's grandparents who wish to give the gift of travel to their family in order to celebrate an important birthday, anniversary or graduation. This type of trip may be grandparents with a specific grandchild or a small gathering of children and grandchildren. Either way, travel is a great way to tighten generation gaps and once again, celelbrate famly.

Milestones are meant to be cherished and remembered. Important events like these are what bond families together. Celebrating a Right of Passage by gathering loved ones together with a special trip is a great way to celebrate being a family.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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