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How To Label Your Kids Luggage For A Family Vacation

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Sally Black

how to label your kids luggageMany people suffer from suitcase separation anxiety.

Over 26 million people loose their bags when they fly every year.

Knowing how to properly label and tag your family's luggage and kid gear before your family vacation will help insure that you always find each other and stay together.

Get Enough Luggage Tags - Make sure you have a large, brightly colored luggage tags for each and every suitcase, carry on item, strollers and what ever gear bags you might be taking along for the ride. Brightly colored or personalized tags will help you easily identify your black suitcase from the hundreds of others making their way around the baggage carousel.

If you're crafty enough you can make this an art project to decorate with the kids. If not do not fret. You can find hundreds of choices to buy online to suit your personality. Either way, it's a great way to get little ones involved with vacation preparations. It teaches them a little lesson on care and responsiblity in a light hearted way.

Fill Out Tags Properly - Stay safe and secure. Don't advertise your address to the world while you'll be away from home. Instead fill out your luggage tags with your first initial and last name, a cell phone number (or relative's or office number near home if heading overseas). Make sure they are securely fastened to handles. Make sure they don't dangle too freely as they may get caught in conveyor belts.

Put More Contact Details INSIDE Your Bag - Put a business card or fill out a piece of paper with more details out your travels. Lay it right on top inside your bag just in case your outside luggage tag comes off your bag. Here you can include any hotel or cruise information, dates and again, how you can be reached (cell phone, office or friend's phone number). 

Label Carry On Bags-Be sure to label your carry on bags both inside and out too.  You may not plan to be separated from your cash or medication but a quick distraction and you can inadvertantly leave it in the airline terminal or in the shuttle bus. If the carry on bag you left contains your child's "lovie" you kid will definitely want to get it back.

If you check your luggage, gate personal may wrap tape around the handles of your suitcase. This tape usually includes the 3 letter airport code of the airport where you're family is heading. It helps baggage handlers route your bags properly.  Old tapes from prior plane rides can cause confusion and send your bags astray.  Be sure to remove old tapes before you venture back to the airport for your return trip home.

Also, whenever you hand over your bags, whether at the airport or hotel bell check, DO hang onto those claim tickets. If something should go astray, this is the proof you'll need in order to make a claim.

Remember, no matter how well you tag and label your luggage, things can happen. Let little ones know this can happen. Remind older kids to never pack really valuable, expensive or invaluable keepsakes. A good rule of thumb is to never pack anything that would crush you if you lost it.  This way you can relax and not worry so much.



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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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