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Sally Black

Family Vacation Prices What's the price of that family vacation? - Obviously this is a huge factor for parents when it comes to vacation planning.

There are plenty of travel websites out there that list vacation prices. While hunting around online you "see" a great family vacation deal that says $699 for roundtrip airfare and 7 nights at a Hilton in Orlando and your heart skips a beat. You think, wow, that's affordable! So you click, put in your travel date of Dec 22 and departure airport and are confronted with a prices 3-4 times higher than what you saw. Shocked and disheartened you scratch your head and wonder what the....?  Then you realize you didn't read that all important bit "prices FROM $699..."

We love nothing better than the feeling we get when we can save our clients money or come in under budget. That's what makes us feel like vacation super heros!

We used to post hotel and tour package prices on our vacationkids website. We found it led to more confusion and disappointment just like the scenario above. Over the years, we've found it's best to ask folks for their family vacation wish lists, including their travel budget. We then get to work to find them personally customized options best suited to their family's travel needs and pocketbook. We always look for ways to save our client's money whenever possible. We do this because we want our families to come back to us year after years and tell their friends about us too.

Most travel companies are not trying to be shady when it comes to pricing. The problem is, there are just SO many variables and moving parts with vacation planning.  Airfare prices can change by the second due to millions of people quoting, holding, cancelling and purchasing flights simultaneously.  When we asked when is the perfect time to find and buy a cheap airfare, we usually reply with the question- when is it a perfect time to corner the stock market? Without a crystal ball, it's anyone's guess.

Hotel prices fluctuate by the season based on supply and demand. When it comes to family friendly hotels and resorts, prices go up whenever the kids are out of school.  The majority of family vacations are govnerned by school calendars.  December holidays, Spring break weeks and summer vacation normally means higher hotel prices. That's probably why the cheap $699 package price you found skyrocketed for your travel dates.

Cheap vacation prices don't always necessarily translate into a great value either.  True, you may be able to score a low price on a beach front all inclusive resort, but will you still think it's such a great deal when you find your children surrounded by drunken, rowdy college kids? Probably not the family vacation you envisioned.

Family vacation prices don't tell the whole story when it comes to the true cost of your trip. There are so many hidden costs that most travelers overlook or disregard.  These extra monies can have serious long term effects on your family budget and future vacation plans.

For example, paying in full right away for that cheap online vacations could mean you'll be racking up months worth of credit card interest payments.This could add hundreds of dollars to that cheap trip making it not so cheap in the long run. Instead, we could have helped you find an affordable option booking with Vacation layaway saving hundreds of dollars to your bottomline.

Did you know that most U.S. health insurance does not cover your family if you travel outside of the U.S.? In some cases, you will have limited or no medical insurance outside of your coverage area. Having travel insurance coverage is important to your peace of mind, the well being of your family and also protects your finances too.

So instead of spending our time constantly changing the deals and advertised prices on our vacationkids homepage, we prefer to spend our time counseling our clients.  We KNOW how to get them great prices and even better values while avoiding major financial pitfalls.  If you find a great deal posted out there, we can usually match it or even do better.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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