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Which Is THE Best Family All Inclusive Resort?

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 17, 2013 6:26:00 PM / by Sally Black

Sally Black

best family all inclusive resort We get asked all the time, Whic is the BEST Family all inclusive resort?  Why just yesterday we received this email from Roy...

My son is turning 3 on the week of my vacation and I was wondering which all-inclusive resort you would recommend in staying at Riviera Maya. I know there's a list, but maybe if you could rank them from best to worst? I'm in charge of the vacation this year and I want it to be a great experience for my wife and son. THANKS!

I appreciate Roy's dilemna here. He's bombarded with tons of choices. I admire the fact that he wants the very best for his wife and son.  I could easily pull a rabbit out of my hat here, zap him off a quick email with the name of a resort and move on to our next inquiry. Easy, Peasy, done. 

In good conscience, I wouldn't really be helping Roy or doing him any favors.

Do a quick search and you'll find 23 million claims for the title of being the best family all inclusive resort. Are these self proclamations?...advertising based publications?...experienced traveler reviews? Do these folks really care if Roy turns out to be a vacation hero or ends up in the doghouse?

We take parent's suggestions to heart here at Vacationkids, but we really can't rank All Inclusive Resort from best to worst. From a parent's perspective...that's like asking me to rank my three kids from best to worst.  I love all three of my kids equally but for different reasons.

Children have distinct personalities and unique qualities. That's what we love best about each one of them. I love my son's creative mind, my daughter's independence and strength and the fearless personality of my youngest girl. I can't love one child more than another, I love equally for different reasons.

Admittedly I am exaggerating this comparison but in many ways, all inclusive resorts have completely different personalities too.  The best family all inclusive resort with the most reviews, awards and online claims may not have activities for Roy's 3 year old. It may take double connecting flights for Roy's family to get to the "best" resort.  Even the best resort may not have the enough luxury ammenities for Roy's family or conversely may be prohibitively over budget. The  most perfect resort on earth may not have availability during the only week Roy has off from work...does that make it the best choice then?

There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning a vacation. We don't believe the "best" family vacation is a "one size fits all" proposition. This is why we're here to help parents with customized vacation planning to ensure they will enjoy the absolute BEST family vacation for them.

So for Roy...I don't want to email him the name of a resort that I might think is best. I want to help him to find the best family all inclusive resort that is right for HIS family...and so this was my response to Roy...

Hi Roy…

I appreciate your question, looking for a ranking of the BEST Riviera Maya Resort.

The thing is…there really isn’t one best resort. They are all good because the ones that arent’ don’t make it on our list.


The trick is narrowing down the choices to find the best available resort for your family’s comfort, needs, wish list & budget.

So…to help you find what you’re looking for and help sift thru our list, I need to know…

Travel dates?

Do you all have passports?

Departure airport?

Number of adults/kids going? (ages of all children)


Any “great deals” that you’ve spotted online that peaked your interest?

Wish list? (In a perfect world…..)

With this information, I can intelligently answer your specific questions.


Please know…

Our services are free

We’ve been to all the resorts on our list (as you can see from our photos) so we offer first hand experience/advice

We can usually beat any online advertised prices

Our resort contacts can help us insure your son enjoys a wonderful birthday!

I look forward to your reply…


Sally Black – Founder/Mom Executive Officer


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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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