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Vacationkids "LIKES" Dreams Puerto Aventuras

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 8, 2013 12:32:00 PM / by Sally Black

Sally Black

Dreams Puerto Aventuras beach view

 Dreams Puerto Aventuras resort has gotten "LIKES" from our Vacationkids staff long before facebook every existed. It's true, we recommend so many wonderful resorts in Mexico's Riviera Maya to our clients. Still, truth be told, we have a bit of a soft spot for this resort. Yes, we admit it's one of our favorites.

I was introduced to Dreams Puerto Aventuras resort many years ago when it first came under the management of AMresorts. I was allowed a hard hat tour prior to its grand opening. Even with all the construction chaos and mess, I could tell this resort was a gem. Nearly 10 years ago, when I was vacationing here with my family, I met my colleague Suzie Sturm.  She too was a guest here with this wild passion for travel and especially this resort. I hired her on the spot to become a travel agent for vacationkids and the history.

OK, you're probably thinking what makes us LIKE Dreams Puerto Aventuras SO very much?  The fact is, Dreams Puerto Aventuras is unique when compared to other area family friendly all inclusive resorts....

  • Dreams Puerto Aventuras is an all inclusive resort so all of your meals & drinks are all included in the price of your room. In general, Dreams resorts do not require dinner reservations in any of their themed restuarants which is certainly a perk. In particular, all of the restaurants at Dreams Puerto Aventuras offer some sort of water view with we think enhances your dining experience while on vacation.


  • Speaking of water views, the resort itself sits on a little penisula. It is surrounded on three sides by water. It is the only high rise resort in the Riviera Maya so ocean views abound. This means, every room enjoys  some type of water view. The higher the floor, the better the views. Garden view rooms are on the lower floors so you may have a few palm trees in the way...but still! Other resorts charge premium rates for water views. Many resorts are built in such a way that you can only see the ocean in the far off distance.


  • Speaking of distance, at Dreams Puerto Aventuras you don't need to wait for golf carts to shuttle you around some huge resort. This compact property offers very easy  walking access to all public areas. Parents can keep an easy eye on kids. The property is stroller friendly. Families traveling with older members or anyone with mobility issues will appreciate taking an elevator right down to the pool and beach level.


  • Because Dreams Puerto Aventuras is so well equipped to handle multi generational family vacations, it also turns out to be a PERFECT spot for a family destination weddings.  It offers a very unique palapa - style wedding gazebo that sits just off shore on a tiny island surrounded on 3 sides by the ocean.  It is connected to the beach by a small curved cement bridge. There are NO steps on the bridge offering easy access for brides with heels or long gowns.
  • Dreams Puerto Aventuras is family of five and family of SIX friendly. Because it's older style construction, many of the rooms here offer adjoining doors so we can connect a king bedded room for parents with a rooms that has two double beds for the kids. Space + privacy=romance for parents (wink, wink if you get our drift here ;-)


  • The majority of Riviera Maya resorts sit isolated along the shore at the edge of the jungle. Dreams Puerto Aventuras is located right in the middle of the Puerto Aventuras resort community. Surrounded by golf courses, multi million dollar condos and yachts, this ecclectic like town offers cute shops circling a marina. It's a five minute stroll to town. The town center offers "swim with the dolphins" programs. If you don't want to swim you can buy and ice cream, pull up a chair and watch these gentle creatures at play. If you're into scuba, deep sea fishing or scenic sails, dive and charter boats leave from this same spot. All of this fun is less than a 5 minute walk from Dreams.


  • Dreams Puerto Aventuras also has their own Dolphinarium located right on their own resort property too. Now you don't even have to walk the 5 minutes to town to visit with the dolphins. Guest can enjoy a swim with the dolphins (fee) without ever leaving the resort.


  • The beach here is small but think quality v. quantity. It's man made so easy access without a lot of rocks. Dreams Puerto Aventuras beach sits on a cove that has a natural reef just off shore so it blocks a great deal of rough surf. This makes it a perfect beach for little swimmers. It also makes it a great swimming spot for lots of tropical fish too. In addition, the resort is surrounded with rocky coral formations. At one edge of the resort these rocks have created a natural tidal pool. Steps have been constructed down into the pool for easy access. This pool is full of tropical fish and is a perfect spot to teach young kids how to snorkel. Admittedly, I am a big kid at heart so most mornings I'll snatch a piece of bread from the breakfast buffet and go feed these fish some breakfast too. Dreams Puerto Aventuras is one of the very few beaches that offers great swimming AND great snorkeling right from the same beach so guests do not have to choose.

The list of reasons why we like Dreams Puerto Aventuras could go on and on. We can describe it but you won't "get it" until you visit it for yourself. By "it" we mean it's know, that IT factor. You can't describe IT but you know IT when you see IT.  So if you want to see more of IT, visit our Pinterest board, have a talk with and go visit IT with your own family.  We think your family will "LIKE" Dreams Puerto Aventuras too!


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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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