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What It Takes To Be An Award Winning Apple Vacations Travel Agent

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 24, 2013 2:04:00 PM / by Sally Black

Sally Black

apple Vacations travel agent Vacationkids has always partnered with Apple Vacations. Our travel agency works with many tour companies in order to offer the best vacation options to our clients. That said, we consider Apple Vacations to be a preferred partner thanks to their innovation, products and most importanly, their customer care. Since Vacationkids launched in 2000 we have won yearly sales awards from Apple Vacations. We don't like to toot our own horn but we are proud to grow our business with such a travel industry leader.

As an Apple Vacation travel agent, Vacationkids can book your family vacation for you. After we consult with you, we can makey our reservations for you.  Our services are completely free. We don't charge service fees like many travel agents out there. Often folks making their own reservations don't know about or understand all the fine print. Our staff can make sure no costly amatuer mistakes are made with your flights or ground transportation. We can also insure that your resort or tour choice lives up to your expectations and the needs of your family. Because of our preferred status with Apple Vacations, we often get additional discounts. Many travel agents pocket these extras. Not Vacationkids! We pass any discounts onto our clients.

At Vacationkids, we work hard to find our families the best prices and value for their vacation. If you find a cheaper price or a different vacation option that you prefer somewhere online, please let us know. We can beat most prices. We need a written quote to submit to Apple Vacations. This is to insure we're comparing apples to apples (pun intended). travel agents frequently travels along with the staff of Apple Vacations several times each year to visit family resorts and write our online reviews. We do this because we think it's important for our travel agents to be able to offer parents first hand knowledge and experience. We want to ensure parents have all the best information available to them when making the right vacation choices for travel with their kids.

In addition, these  trips afford our staff the opportunity to make face to face contact with the people that manage and work in the resorts that we recommend to our clients. Building and nurturing these important connections often make the difference between a good vacation and a great vacations for our clients.

We're proud to say many families return to us year after year to book their Apple Vacations. Chances are they know exactly what vacation they want and don't need to take the time to speak to one of our agents. Other families may need to do their travel planning when it's convenient for them. This may be after hours when Vacationkids is closed. No worries!...Vacationkids gives you the option of booking your own Apple Vacations ONLINE by yourself. You can do this anytime, day or night 24/7.

When you book your Apple Vacations Online vacation by yourself, you are still entitled to a free consultation with one of our travel agents who will gladly answer any and all lingering questions that you may have. Vacationkids travel agents will review your reservations to make sure everything has been done correctly to avoid any unforseen roadblocks during your trip. At Vacationkids, we believe if our clients make their own reservations, they should be paid for doing the work themselves.  This is why any time you book an Apple Vacations trip via our Vacationkids link, your family will receive a $50 rebate on top of our already competitive prices.

IMPORTANT - Apple Vacations requires all travelers be assigned to a travel agent to help with any questions or customer care. If your making your reservations directly with apple vacations - TELL THEM you want to be your travel agency!!! This way we can service your reservations, answer any further vacation questions that you may have and work with our resort contacts on your behalf. You get all of our experience, advice and expertise for FREE!!! Once you receive your confirmation number please email us a copy of your confirmation so that we can double check your reservations for you. You can also call us at Vacationkis or leave us a message at 610-681-7360 so we can follow up with your reservation as soon as we get back to the office.

Here at Vacationkids we know, the ONLY way we've been able to proudly hang our Vacationkids awards on our office wall is because of your continued partronage and support. This is how we pay for our detailed online reviews and how we support our own families. If you appreciate the information we've posted on our website to help families just like yours, then we humbly ask for you continued to support by making your reservations thru us.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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