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Top Vacations For Teenagers

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Sally Black

top vacations for teenagersWe've talked to many parents and kids when it comes to top vacations for teenagers.  Over the years, we've compiled a list of the top 5 types of vacations most requested by our clients with teens...

5. Theme Parks - Teens are never too old to enjoy the adrenalin rush of a roller coaster or the splash of a water park. Parents tend to flock to theme parks with toddlers in tow but it's a whole new experience for your both to enjoy when they are older. Finally, they are big enough for grown up rides so you both can enjoy yourselves. There is always something to do so the threat of boredom is at a minimum.

4. Experience Vacations - The best way to keep a teenagers attention engaged is to let them do something that they really enjoy dloing. Take their passions and build a family vacation itinerary around what your teen absolutely loves. Maybe they are into music and want to see their favorite band on tour. Perhaps they want to be a marine biologist and want to learn how to scuba dive. Our family hosted a german exchange student who was a real fashionista. She mentioned that she had hoped to visit NYC while in the States. I started planning a visit to Manhattan to see the Empire State Building and several museums. It's a good thing compared notes with her because all she wanted to do was to go shopping on Fifth Avenue. We went to Bloomingdales, Saks and Tiffanys and this is all of New York that she cared to see. In my humble opinion, travel and life experiences are just as important as what college your teen plans to attend.

Resort Vacations - Teens love their independence and parents tend want to keep a watchful eye on their offspring. Larger resorts can bring teens and parents together. Generally they offer lots of activities in a beautiful location. If you're raising teen boys then the idea of an all inclusive family resort might be especially perfect for you. Imagine a place where your kids can eat all they want, whenever they want without you having to cook or pull out your wallet!

2. Cruises - Cruises offer something to keep everyone happy so this is helpful if you have kids of different ages. In particular for teens, many family cruise ships have scheduled teen activities, sports, age specific teen zones and discos. Teens tend to be social creatures by nature. Activates offer the opportunity to interact, meet one another and make new friends. Depending on the sailing you select, you can combine a cruise with our number one teen travel request.....

1. Visit a Foreign Country - When parents with teens ask us for family vacation ideas, we often tell parents "don't ask us, ask your kids". 9 our of 10 times, teens want to travel to a foreign country. High school kids normally study foreign languages. Foreign travel can give them the opportunity to test their newly acquired skills. Travel creates a need to communicate making language study more than strange words in a book. Differences in culture, old world history, new foods and even math skill are brought into play with currency exchange. It's real life experience hidden in the form of adventure and infotainment. Helping your teens make connections with other kids their age while traveling can be a very enriching experience for all. I know with my own children, some of their vacation friendships have endured beyond vacation. Networking with language teachers, sports coaches and even other parents to help make contacts. When teens are empowered by travel, the world becomes a much smaller and better place.

Getting your teens involved in the vacation planning process empower them, build their confidence and help encourage a life long love of travel.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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