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5 steps to planning a perfect vacation for kids and adults

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Sally Black

vacations for kids and adults A vacation for kids and adults has to be a fun adventure for everybody. A vacation means you're taking a break from your every day activities like work, school and the obligations of every day life. That's what makes a vacation fun and something to look forward to. It's can be a real balancing act trying to keep everyone in the family happy but with some thought and planning, it can be done. Here are five steps to planning a perfect vacation for kids and adults.

1. What do the adults need? - The adults are in control of the major of the vacation decisions. Do mom and dad need some rest and relaxation or do you both need to blow off some steam with some exercise. What happens when Dad is looking for one type of trip and mom's idea of a great vacation is completely different? The good news is there are plenty of family vacation options that can offer the choices to make both mom and dad happy. A bit of compromise and cooperation involved but that's simply a part of being mom and dad whether you are home or on vacation.

2. Be Honest - Honesty is always the best policy. If adults are doing everything for the kids without any self consideration then they won't get the type of vacation they may need. For some families it may mean the best vacation for kids and adults are separate vacations. If you take your kids on a family vacation you cannot take a vacation from parenting. Be honest, parenting is probably the toughest job on the planet so sometimes parents do need a break. Obvious the care of our children is our highest priority. If you have trusted family members and friends willing to care for your kids then separate vacations may be a good choice. Parents can relax and recharge while kids are fun with others. This type of an independent break can actually foster family togetherness upon return. If parents need a break but don't have that kind of support system then don't plan a road trip or the type of vacation where you will be the center of all activities and entertainment. Instead opt for a vacation that does offer good child care options that will keep your kids occupied and safe.

3. What does the family need? - Does your family need baby equipment while on vacation? Do you need a teen program? Does your family need both? Does your child get motion sickness? Is grandpa coming along and does he knee give him trouble walking long distances. A good travel agent can help you select a vacation option that serves the needs of every member of the family. Once everyone's needs are met, then they are free to focus on having fun. 

4. What does your family Want? - You cannot assume what everyone wants. Ask about everyone's wish list before you start planning a vacation for kids and adults. More often then not the answers are surprising. Sometimes parents think they need to make very extravagant plans. Parents are often surprised to find out that the kids would be happy if they had a pool with a slide where they would swim every day. Of course the opposite may be true as well. The kids may want a week at a theme park but this idea makes the adults cringe. Communication is the key here. It often helps to plan a family night and actually write down a vacation wish list. Often seeing the list in black and white will aide discussion and compromise when necessary. It also offers points of negotiations...If you spend an afternoon in the museum with us, we'll spend two days at the beach with you.

5. Be Realistic - You may have your heart set on visiting a specific Caribbean beach but is it realistic to think a 12 hour double connecting red eye flight with a two year old will be a vacation for anybody? No body is trying to steal your dream but this type of vacation may suite your family's needs when your child it a bit older. Adults may want lavish restaurants and fine dining but is it realistic to think your toddler will appreciate white glove service.

It would be very simple to make a list of say the 10 top vacations for kids and adults. I could rattle off this kind of list without a second thought. But by focusing on the particular needs and wishes of individual families we can custom design family vacations. At Vacationkids this is what we like to do for our clients.

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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