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Spring Break Family Vacation Deals - What Smart Parents Know

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Sally Black

Spring Break Family Vacation dealsSmart Parents Know Back to school means means Spring Break....seriously.

The months of August and September are when you're going to find the best spring break deals.  We have a saying around the office here at Vacationkids..."Planning a family vacation is just like planning a family - You need to work at least nine months in advance!" We say this because airlines post schedules and rates 300 days out. Resort post rates about a year in advance while cruise line give you the most lead time of 1-2 years. Normally families will find the BEST spring break family deals as soon as availability and rates are posted.

Most people think -They really don't have to worry about making Spring Break reservations until after the first of the year. By then they are shocked at the pricing or can't figure out why space is sold out.

(I will most likely catch a lot of heat from some folks on this next comment. I will apologize in advance but honestly, this philosophy is true to my own heart...)

Smart Parents know travel and first hand experience is the very best teacher for our children. They book their cruise or hotel reservations far in advance and don't worry about the school calendar. If they need flights, they know our Vacationkids agents can always tag them onto their reservations as soon as they become available. When the time for vacation rolls around they work with their kid's school and teachers to make learning new things fun for their kids. 

Most people think they must only travel on the days when their children have a holiday from school....then they call us to plan a trip and they have NO idea which week their kids are on vacation.

Smart parents know even with the best planning "stuff" happens. Maybe you abided by the school calendar but your kids ended up with too many snow days and spring break got cancelled. Perhaps child wakes up the day prior to departure with an ear infection and your pediatrician says you cannot fly. Smart parents make sure they include cancel for any reason travel insurance along with medical coverage and trip interruption. This way if something unforseen happens  at the last minute or during your vacation it's covered..

Most people think They don't need no stinkin' travel insurance. They are going on vacation no matter what.

Smart Parents know they can guarantee paying the lowest price by adding price protection insurance. Many travel insurance companies also offer price protection coverage. This means should the price of your exact trip dip lower than the price you paid, you will be reimbursed the difference.

Most people think if they wait until the last minute to make reservations that they will score some fantabulous deal on their family's spring break trip. Next to Thanksgiving and the December Holidays, spring break is a very high demand week. The closer you get to departure you could end up paying close to 70% more for your vaction. The odds of finding some incredible last minute spring break deal is about the same as you finding that monster that hides in your kid's closet at bedtime.

Smart Parents with three or more kids know -it is imperative to plan ahead!!!! Family of five hotel rooms, large family suites and family cruise cabins are in high demand and always sell out first. Flights get more expensive the closer you get to your departure date. Finding enough seats on Non-stops and the best connecting flights is always a challenge for big families so plan ahead to avoid disapointments.

Most people with big families think they don't have to worry and can just get connecting rooms or cruise cabins . These are the same people that complain to us when they pay extra for two hotel rooms that are separated on two different floors of the hotel.

So our very best advice for finding the very best Spring Break Family Vacation Deals is to be a Smart Parent. Give us a call today at 610-681-7360 and book NOW!

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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