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Affordable family vacations by packing lunch and making coffee

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Sally Black


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I was watching Good Morning America enjoying my first cup of coffee today when a teaser ad for Ally Bank popped up on the screen:

"How Much Does the Average American Spend Each Week on Lunch?"...Go to our website and find out!

So I did...and boy, did I find a GREAT blog post with a few statistics that I think will shock many people.

According to their stats two-thirds of employed Americans spend $37 a week on lunch or $2,000 a year on lunch and about $1,000 a year on coffee. Apparently men spend about $46.50 weekly on lunch while women spend $26.50 a week.  So if you do the math, adults could save an average of $3000 PER PERSON just by making a sandwich and pouring their own coffee!

Now these statistics really woke me up even more than my morning cup of Hazelnut. My mind started racing and it wasn't the caffiene. Here's what I was thinking...

1. With a budget of $3000 per person I could send to a client to a 5 star all inclusive resort in the Caribbean for a week or that dream trip to Paris that they always thought was completely impossible.  Scoop your own ice cream for the kids and forego a few drive thru dinners and the entire family could afford to go with you.  By curbing impulse spending, great family vacations ARE affordable.

2. When planning a family vacation, parents will scrutinize the cost of big ticket items like airfares and hotels often forgetting that food is also a big ticket item. Thanks to supply and demand the cost of food increases when it has to be shipped to a tropical island or while you're a captive audience in a theme park.  The price of an all inclusive vacation or cruise may appear to be much more expensive initially on paper. This is because all of your food costs are calculated in and you know true price of your vacation up front. If folks took the time to factor in the actually costs of meal, snack and beverage spending in addition to their hotel and air costs they would realize that all inclusives and cruises are usually a better deal. They would also be less mortified to receive their credit card bill the month after their vacation.

So thank you Good Morning America! I will be referring many of our Vacationkids clients to this post. (...And I think it's time I went and made another pot of Hazelnut!)

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Sally Black

Written by Sally Black

Sally is the Founder of Travel Agency and author of the book "Fearless Family Vacations". She is also the Director of Travel Agent Initiatives and Training at The Family Travel Association.

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