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Why Do I Need a Budget for Vacation

why do I need a vacation budget

What is more precious...Money Or Time? Tricky question right!

12 Tips How To Keep Kids from Getting Sick on Vacation

how to keep kids from getting sick on vacation

Anytime and anywhere your kids come into contact with others there is an increased risk for infections and illness. We hear all these scary news stories about the "bug du jour" that is making everyone sick. We all know airplanes, cruise ships and hotel rooms are petri dishes for germs - just like the school bus, classroom or local shopping mall.

Why Family Vacations Are Important

family vacation

Parents often confuse the price tag of a family vacation vs. the cost of NOT taking a vacation. A vacation doesn't need to be pricey in order to make a HUGE impact on our kids.

What Happens if There is a Hurricane During Our Vacation

What happens if there is a hurricane during my vacation

Sometimes, "stuff" happens even with the best made vacation plans.The photo here is one I took after witnessing the strength and destruction of hurricane Wilma in Cancun a few years ago.

Vacation Planning Expectations and Compromise

Compromising on Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be like riding a rollercoaster with lots of ups, downs, twists and turns! 

Sick On Vacation

sick on vacation

Sorry for the long silence in our blog. I got sick on vacation. Actually I got pneumonia so it's taken a bit of time for me to feel up to writing. I think getting sick away from home often means figuring out inventive ways of coping while trying to feel better. We'll get to that part in just a bit.

Grandparent Vacations

Grandparent vacations

It's the job of every grandparent to spoil our Grandkids. This is what gives us joy and happiness. Despite what Bill Cosby says, We're more than just "old people trying to get into heaven". We have a second opportunity to create precious memories with a whole new generation of our family. Of course, we want to give our grandkids the world...and the best way to do that is by taking vacations with our Grandkids.

Family Summer Vacation Ideas for 2014

family summer vacation ideas

We're on countdown now's crunch time for summer 2014. 

Top 7 Family Fun Things To Do in Hawaii

Hawaii fun

A visit to Hawaii is the perfect choice fun family vacation. Often what draws parents to bring their children to Hawaii is the culture and traditions of the islands known as the Aloha Spirit.  The entire Hawaiian culture revolves around "Ohana" or family.  Children, better known here as "keikis" are embraced and are an important part of spreading and continuing the Aloha spirit for generations to come.  This is why Hawaiian people have such a passion for sharing their beautiful islands and all it's traditions with children. Families are truly welcomed here with open arms.

Family Vacation Ideas for 2014

family vacation ideas

2014 has been a rough winter for so many families. Lately it seems our staff has been asked repeatedly by our clients for new and innovative family vacation ideas.  We thought we'd share some of the most recent winners to help inspire you and to get your family vacation plans in high gear...

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