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Can Babies Go On A Cruise?

Can Babies Go On A Cruise

Absolutely!...and mom & dad can actually enjoy a fun family vacation too.

When Should You Use A Travel Agent

When to Use a Travel Agent

Think of a travel agent as a guide for your vacation planning journey.  They are at your service to help you make the right decisions, consult, customize and help you avoid any pitfalls with your vacation plans.

Why Use A Travel Agent?

Why Use a Travel Agent

 Do you cut your own hair?

Best Spring Vacations for Families - 2015 Edition

Best spring vacations for families

For so many families, spring break means dusting off the suitcases and heading out the door for fun and adventure. A majority of schools will take their Spring break sometime between March 22 and April 12 for 2015.  Others take a break in February between Valentines day and Feb 21st to celebrate the Presidents. It's the time of year when our staff gets tons of questions like - What are the best spring break spots for Families? Where should we take the kids in February, March, April etc?

Free Phone Calls While Traveling Thru WiFi

Free Phone calls while traveling thru WiFi

How to affordably stay in touch with everyone back home while on a family vacation is probably one of the biggest questions we get from our clients.

The Real Price of Airline Tickets - Airline Fees

The real price of airline tickets

Planning a budget is an important step in vacation planning. It's easy enough to click onto any major online travel website, type in your departure airport and dream destination and voila! You know the price of airfares.

The Secret to Great Family Vacations

family vacation

Once upon a time there was an chef who had a real passion for his food. He learned the basics toiling in hot, hectic restaurant kitchens. He saved every penny he had so that he could go and study with the great chefs of France. He spent years mentoring with some of the finest chefs in the world. Years later he came home and put his name over the door of his very own restaurant. Word quickly spread about how incredible his food tasted. Soon there were lines of people outside his door and Michelin Stars attached to his name.

Why Do I Need a Budget for Vacation

why do I need a vacation budget

What is more precious...Money Or Time? Tricky question right!

12 Tips How To Keep Kids from Getting Sick on Vacation

how to keep kids from getting sick on vacation

Anytime and anywhere your kids come into contact with others there is an increased risk for infections and illness. We hear all these scary news stories about the "bug du jour" that is making everyone sick. We all know airplanes, cruise ships and hotel rooms are petri dishes for germs - just like the school bus, classroom or local shopping mall.

Why Family Vacations Are Important

family vacation

Parents often confuse the price tag of a family vacation vs. the cost of NOT taking a vacation. A vacation doesn't need to be pricey in order to make a HUGE impact on our kids.

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